Can you spot the difference between the two McDonald’s pics? Only the smartest of people can | The Sun

Can you spot the difference between the two McDonald’s pics? Only the smartest of people can | The Sun


IN this busy picture of fast food, there is something amiss.

Among the crowded image filled with McDonald's meals, something is out of place – are you able to spot it?

A TikTok user by the name of Samantha Jo DeAngelis shared a puzzling image filled with McDonald's favorites, and it has the internet stumped.

Showcasing everything from McDonald's highly rated crispy fries to their scrumptious burgers, it's difficult to spot the difference in the sea of fast food.

Have you successfully located it?

If not, you might want to turn your attention to the french fries.

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You could be in the top 0.1% if you spot SEVEN differences in less than 1min

If you're still having a hard time, look towards the bottom of the image.

Still unable to spot the major difference?

In one of the pictures, there is a taco instead of a portion of fries, which can be spotted at the bottom of the photo towards the center.

People in the comments section of the puzzle had slightly different guesses, one writing: "It’s the apple pie."

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Another person picked up on a change in hue, commenting: "The top is dark and the bottom is light."

If you're looking to crack more puzzling images, UK-based furniture company ScS has released a series of interior design-themed brainteasers.

In one of them, there is a hidden lamp among some furniture.

It's said that only 70 percent of people can find the lamp in the sea of furniture in under 30 seconds.

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The average time to locate the hidden lamp in the crowded image is 37 seconds.

Are you among the speedy 70 percent that can find the piece of technology?

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