Blokes kept wanting to settle down with me but I wasn’t fussed – now I’m happy watching my man have sex with other women

Blokes kept wanting to settle down with me but I wasn’t fussed – now I’m happy watching my man have sex with other women


A WOMAN has revealed how she loves watching her man have sex with other woman and that their swinger lifestyle is why they're still happily married.

Diane, 28, who goes by the name The Swingers Wife online, says that too many blokes in her past tried to settle down with her, but that's not what she wanted.

The 28-year-old explained that when she and her husband Tim first got together they were open from the start about their desire to see other people.

Her husband has been married three times, but it failed each time because he felt "trapped or unsatisfied" with one woman.

Now, the couple are blissfully happy with their open marriage – and very much in love – they even welcome other couples into their bed which helps keep them strong.

Diane insists that she "doesn't build connections" which is why swinging works well, and that's why her dating life, until now, has always failed.

She said: “I personally just felt like I was on a tight leash that I didn't like, I could never settle down. I was bored, dissatisfied, resentful."

“I broke too many hearts learning I was actually non monogamous.”

Diane said that her and Tim are "free to date or play outside of our relationship" and that they've even had"a few triad girlfriends."

They love going to swingers clubs and have plenty of friends who have similar interests who they meet on some dating apps like Bumble, Fetlife, or the new Craigslist personals

The couple love meeting all kinds of people, including couples, but don't often get involved with single men.

But Diane said what she loves most is watching Tim have sex with other women, which in the swingers world is known as a "cuckqueen".

Diane also wants to set the record straight about some common misconceptions, saying people often think her and Tim aren't in love, or don't love each other enough.

She explained that this just isn't true and that they are very much in love, which is why they always come back to each other – regardless of who they've been with.

The Swinger’s Wife said: “We do it because it makes us happy, it builds our relationship, we both enjoy the fun and enjoyment we receive.

She added that their relationship has a "strong trust-and-honestly foundation" and that they can be "purely ourselves" with one another.

Diane credits their own thriving sex life to being able to see other people, as there's "always something new happening" and they're "rarely bored or frustrated."

They want other couples to be fine about opening their relationship too, which is why they started a podcast where they discuss their lifestyle with others.

They also review clubsand answer any questions people might have about their "ethical non-monogamy" lifestyle.

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