Beauty fan reveals iconic £8 The Ordinary face product that smooths over cracked heels instantly | The Sun

Beauty fan reveals iconic £8 The Ordinary face product that smooths over cracked heels instantly | The Sun


A BEAUTY fan has shared the iconic The Ordinary face product that got her feet super smooth.

The woman, called Nikki, revealed in a video on TikTok that the £8 buy effectively dealt with her cracked heels.

Captioning the post, the skincare pro wrote: " I’ll never use this product from The Ordinary on my face again – it is LITERALLY magic for my feet."

In the clip, she revealed that her foot care specialist had asked her during a pedicure what she had been doing to get her feet "so smooth".

Nikki said: "It's this product from The Ordinary. I know it's meant for your face, but let me tell you it works magic on the bottom of my feet.

"Especially my cracked heels."


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The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution is currently available to order on Cult Beauty for £8.40.

It claims to "exfoliate the skin’s topmost layer for a brighter, more even appearance", and also "exfoliate the skin more deeply to clear pore congestion".

On the face, it should be used no more than twice per week, and for no more than ten minutes.

Nikki added that she uses it on her feet for around ten minutes weekly.

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TikTok users were delighted by the tipCredit: Tiktok/@uglyducklingskincare

Her tip was popular with social media users who left more than 106,000 'likes'.

One person wrote: "Ah! Finally I can use mine that’s been sitting in the cabinet for ages cos it was too much to use on my face."

Another commented: "I'm definitely gonna try this."

A third shared: "I love how it leaves my skin, I’ll get another bottle and use it on my feet tonight!!!"

And a fourth added: "Yup! I’ve been using AHA on my feet."

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