A.L.C. RTW Fall 2021

A.L.C. RTW Fall 2021


Like many, A.L.C. designer Andrea Lieberman has used quarantine as an opportunity to downsize, weeding out about 85 percent of the clothes in her closet in an effort to pare down to what’s important.

Similarly, she used the fall season as a reset for her Los Angeles-based contemporary brand, refocusing on its polished casual DNA, and revisiting several of her signatures, including vegan leather and patchwork wardrobe pieces, knit and jersey dressing and pants with attitude, all done in a rich-looking neutral palette of caramel, chocolate brown, biscuit, ivory and navy, with flashes of lavender.

The look: California cozy with a bit of swagger, as seen on a low-slung, slouchy pants and a checkerboard faux fur coat.

Quote of note: “A sheer jersey open back T-shirt was my very first piece when I started, and this season it was about returning to those kind of versatile pieces you can use to create real style,” Lieberman said.

Standout pieces: Coats with personality, including a checkerboard patchwork faux fur coat and biscuit vegan leather shearling; easy dress-up options such as a black micro-pleated vegan leather strappy dress and neutral checkerboard patchwork halter gown in a print inspired by the Florida artist Alyssia Gibson; a cozy but elevated lavender compact knit sweater and leggings set; open-back white jersey top and black vegan leather trousers look, and navy and gray checkerboard slouchy trousers worn with a navy-blue hoodie for a nod to California skate culture. For something sleek, a tailored black vest jumpsuit.

The takeaway: Wardrobe building blocks with enough fashion to keep things interesting but not so much that they will be throwaways after one season.

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