A-COLD-WALL* SS21 Meditates on a Reflection of the Self

A-COLD-WALL* SS21 Meditates on a Reflection of the Self


A-COLD-WALL*‘s conceptual clothing strays from conventional streetwear because Samuel Ross isn’t your average creative director. The 29-year-young Londoner infuses his seasonal garments with philosohpical intrigue, looking to the bigger picture in favor of fleeting trend — as such, Spring/Summer 2021 presents a lofty-minded assortment of clothing designed to in homage to personal reflection.

“My Brother’s Keeper,” as the new collection is called, channels three distinct modes: isolation, redefined selfhood and the future. Presented as a cohesive array, rather than disparate sections, the first cue interrupts A-COLD-WALL*’s desaturated color palette with deep red, bolstering the textured car coats and creased slacks with luxurious knitwear and another RETROSUPERFUTURE collaboration.

The second step sees the inclusion of rich ochre tones atop belted safari jackets and ribbed tailoring. Here, tailored garments are revised into a new form of officewear, crisp shirts layered beneath velvet trucker jackets and topped off with tags that dangle “like new identity cards,” explains the press release. Rugged staples signal a shift from formality to adventure.

Finally, the future is realized with mature, monochrome layering pieces, technical vests, gilets, shoulder bags and bucket hats are lush with detail and assuredly versatile, as the arms of protective bomber jackets are ruched for playful appeal. Loungewear coalesces with classic menswear in a new show of transgressive masculinity.

“This season more than ever before, it felt important that A-COLD-WALL* be hyper-responsive to current circumstances,” Ross said in a statement. “This collection is the result of a sincere and honest dialogue about these changed priorities -– it’s democratic, it’s adaptive. It’s what people want to live in now.”

Watch the accompanying seasonal video above and keep up with A-COLD-WALL*’s latest releases on HBX.

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