18 Stars Who Really DGAF About What You Think About Their Looks

18 Stars Who Really DGAF About What You Think About Their Looks


Enjoy – and be inspired by – the epic responses these stars have shared in response to haters, shamers and general trolls

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Amy Schumer

The actress’s extremely candid approach to sharing her postpartum experience left some commenters crabby. Surprising no one, Amy took it in stride – then took it one step further. “I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding,” she captioned a photo showcasing her C-section scar.

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The star’s decision to be her beautiful, bare-faced self most of the time started a mini-revolution on the red carpet. But she has always reserved the prerogative to change her mind at any time. Which is why, when fellow Voice judge Adam Levine asked her recently why she was putting makeup on, she responded, “I do what the f–k I want!” (as Levine relayed on The Howard Stern Show).

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After Perez Hilton posted this photo with the snarky comment “Nice to see her trying!” the Girls star responded with the text equivalent of the eye-roll emoji: “Fashion is fun but sometimes I’d rather not spend 3 hours and lots of cash I could give to charity or spend on books and food to get ready to go out.”

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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly dismissed the California congresswoman’s speech by saying “I didn’t hear a word she said; I was looking at the James Brown wig.” He apologized, but Waters shut him down anyway: “I’m a strong black woman, and I cannot be undermined … Don’t allow … these dishonorable people to intimidate you or scare you. Be who you are, do what you do.”

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Demi spends so much time shutting down internet haters, she has a song about it – and yep, it’s called “Really Don’t Care.” Two major points of contention? Her weight (a typical tweet: “Guess what, I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t”) and her hair (she didn’t care if you liked her blonde).

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Outraged by her “hooha” flash at the American Music Awards? Chrissy doesn’t have time for that. To one scandalized fan, she sent the following heavily sarcastic video message: “Oh Sean, I wake up every day just wanting to please you. I’m so sorry I disappointed you. I don’t know what I can say but, wow, I apologize. I didn’t mean it to happen. But sorry, Sean. Sorry.”

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When the first-time Sports Illustrated model found herself reported to Instagram for sharing a butt-centric shot, she doubled down on it (again and again). “Apparently Instagram isn’t the biggest fan of my little bum and i have been deleted and reported,” she wrote. “To that i say LET THEM SEE CAKE!!!!!!!! ”

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While most of us were discussing Gaga’s showstopping Super Bowl performance, the troll faction of the internet had some thoughts on her appearance. She took it in (glittery boot-clad) stride. “I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too,” she wrote on Instagram.

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One non-fan opined on Twitter that Kylie looks like a 14-year-old prostitute. Her perfect response? “Idk I feel like I look like a 19 year old prostitute.”

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A fan demanded that the actress shave her legs. He’ll be waiting for a while: “HAHAHHA NEVER” she tweeted.

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Venus and her sister Serena are two of the greatest tennis players of all time – as well of the two most body-shamed. Luckily, Venus has a room full of trophies and the haters do not. “If I look like a guy, great, whatever. I don’t really care,” she told the Today Show. “My body looks the way it is because I’m strong, I work hard, and I train hard.”

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After a glimpse of her armpit hair sent people into a tailspin, Paris gave it straight to the haters: “I think it’s great. Some people think that it’s like super disgusting, especially on girls, but every human body does it. It’s natural. Get over it.”

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Feel like sharing your opinions on Katy’s looks or attire with her? Don’t bother: “I’ve given up on what people think about me,” she told PeopleStyle. “I gave up on scrolling down on the comments.”

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The supermodel has been incredibly candid about her journey to acceptance at every size, but apparently, the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught up with her. “The cycle of body-shaming needs to end,” she wrote in a Lenny Letter. I’m over it.”

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The star, who famously was dragged into a public debate about her hair after Giuliana Rancic made a comment about her Oscars updo, didn’t care then and doesn’t care now what you have to say about her looks. “We can’t allow ourselves to get caught up in other people’s opinions of ourselves because we are never going to progress or go forward or have control over who we are,” she said at an event.

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Ariel’s no stranger to controversial outfits, but each time people try to shame her for one, they get a similar response: “Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don’t buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel,” she tweeted after people critiqued her graduation dress.

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A British columnist shared some vicious comments on Kelly’s weight on Twitter, which earned a big laugh from the singer: “Oh, and she’s tweeted something nasty about me? That’s because she doesn’t know me. I’m awesome! It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will,” she said.

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