Woman wants to cut best friend out of her life after she ‘stole’ her baby name

Woman wants to cut best friend out of her life after she ‘stole’ her baby name


We've all seen the scene in Friends, where Rachel is trying to pick a name for her baby but is having no luck.

Her good pal Monica pipes up and reveals that she's had a girls name and a boys name selected for as long as she can remember.

Of course, as soon as she shares these choices with Rachel, the new mum decides that one of them is absolutely perfect for her child and ultimately ends up using it.

In the sitcom, this situation had a happy ending, as Monica gladly gave her friend permission to use the name Emma.

But in real life, things just don't always work out quite so well.

An unnamed woman has taken to Reddit to ask if she would be an a**hole if she cut her best friend out of her life after she stole her baby name.

She explained that while she wasn't pregnant or expecting to be any time soon, the name had been picked by her late mother and held a special place in her heart.

Her best friend knew all this, but decided to take it anyway.

She wrote: "I told her my mother had suggested a name years ago for my future daughter that I absolutely fell in love with. It's super unique and it's a name that originates from the country she was born in.

"My mother is no longer alive, so this is something I really wanted to do in the future so my potential daughter could have a connection to her grandmother.

"A few days ago I saw on Facebook that my best friend had posted a picture of those 3D sonograms and in the post she revealed the name that she had picked for her daughter. It was the name I told her I had picked out for my future daughter."

She added that the discovery had "devastated" her.

"She knows what that name meant to me and she decided to use it anyway. She says it's just a name and since she's pregnant before me she gets to use whatever name she wants. I told her she's being heartless."

People on the site were quick to say that the friend was being an "a**hole".

One person commented: "In normal situations, I'd say this is petty/silly. But she basically ripped off something that was left to you by your deceased mum, and you found out from Facebook of all things. F*** this chick, cut her out."

Another said: "She straight up ripped that off knowing how it would hurt you. I have no idea how she could be so selfish. Cut her out of your life and when you do have a kid, use the name your mum suggested. Don't let her ruin that for you."

A third added: "There's no such thing as 'stealing' a baby name… under normal circumstances. You get to name your kid whatever you want and just because somebody else likes the name too doesn't give them dibs. But this is definitely one of the few cases where using the same name feels… cruel."

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