Woman creates sexy ‘period proof’ underwear that stays leak-free for 18 months

Woman creates sexy ‘period proof’ underwear that stays leak-free for 18 months


When that dreaded time of the month rolls around, we reach for our Bridget Jones-style pants, with the motto 'the comfier and bigger, the better', in mind.

Many women are unlikely to be seen wearing their skimpiest thong or laciest knickers when they're on their period as they may find themselves at risk of leaking through their underwear and staining their clothes.

But if you happen to miss wearing your sexiest underwear for that one week a month, then we may have a solution for you.

Design student, Sian Hickey, has created a range of 'period proof' lingerie that looks nothing like our regular time of the month attire.

The 21-year-old undregraduate from Leicester de Montfort University, made the underwear as an alternative to traditional period products.

And she claims you can wear all of the pieces in her final project without worrying about putting on a sanitary towel or inserting a tampon.

If you weren't already sold on the garments, you can also wash them and re-wear them for up to 18 months, completely free from fear of leakage.

Now, we know period pants aren't a new invention, a selection have been available to buy for a long time, but Sian believes hers are totally different from anything on the market – mainly because of the way they look.

This is because she set out to make a collection of items that she and her young friends would be proud to wear while menstruating.

She explained: "Period poverty is something I'm really passionate about, and I was researching ideas for my final project but I realised that all the period proof pants that had been done before weren't that attractive, they looked like Bridget Jones pants.

"I wanted to try and make period proof lingerie that I'd be proud to wear, something that makes people feel sexy despite the fact they're on their period."

She added: "Once you explain how the underwear works and how they are more comfortable than and just as hygienic as disposable sanitary products, disguised as regular lingerie, people see round the issue of absorbent knickers."

Sian showed off her lingerie at her university's Contour Fashion Show in London last week.

She is now using her final project to raise money for Freedom4Girls, a charity which aims to make period poverty a thing of the past.

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