Winnipeg musician playing with six bands in one night for marathon show

Winnipeg musician playing with six bands in one night for marathon show


A Winnipeg musician has come up with an unusual way to celebrate his birthday this summer – by performing with six different bands in one night.

Sean Kaye, who will be turning 27 in July, told 680 CJOB he expects the show to be a bit of an ordeal.

“It’s going to be a little marathon for me,” he said. “Out of these six (bands), I play guitar in two, bass in three and drums in one.”

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The six bands – Witchtrip, Nice Cops, Elder Abuse, Golden God, Ceilings, and Hot Sewer – all fall into various genres under the umbrellas of punk rock and metal, but they’re not Kaye’s only projects. He’s actually a member of eight bands at present.

“I think I had two bands of my own, and there was just one year I got asked to join three bands at once, and I said yes to all of them,” he said.

“Then I got asked to fill in on this tour for another band, so I did that, and then I ended up just staying in that band, so that bumped my numbers up. Then I joined another one recently that was sort of an off-shoot of another band.”

In addition to his endeavors as a musician, Kaye also runs two DIY record labels: Possessed Records, which focuses on heavy music, as well as Little Cowboy Records, which covers emo, pop-punk and has even ventured in hip-hop.

‘Sean K’s B-Day Fest’ takes place July 20 at the Windsor Hotel. Tickets are $10 at the door (or $5 if you’re wearing a party hat).

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