William & Kate Are Being Criticized for Prince George's Football Jersey & We're Over It

William & Kate Are Being Criticized for Prince George's Football Jersey & We're Over It


In today’s edition of ludicrous royal family criticisms, may we present to you the dragging of 6-year-old Prince George by royal blog Gert’s Royals. In a snide tweet, Gert’s Royals criticized Prince George for his English football jersey — shockingly, not even the only conflict to come out of this 6-year-old celebrating his birthday. The jersey was featured in the photos mom Kate Middleton posted celebrating George’s birthday this past week, which — we cannot stress this enough — should never have been the cause for anything other than “aww”ing at the excessive cuteness. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Gert’s Royals now claims that the jersey is too “England centric” and effectively a snub to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Gert’s Royals posted this on their Twitter account: “Today’s birthday photos were definitely England centric w/ Prince George wearing a England @FA shirt. But in fact all of the UK photos/appearances of Cambridge kids have been in England. We have yet to have an official photo/appearance in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.” It’s unclear whether it’s standard practice for royals to shuttle their children around to all regions of the UK and appropriately photograph them. It is clear, however, that Gert’s Royals was rather desperate to find something about this freaking adorable picture objectionable. (Cosmopolitan notes that George’s dad, Prince William, is the president of the Football Association, which may have been the reason for his son’s jersey.) 

Here’s the thing: if Gert’s Royals genuinely feels that the royal family has been too focused on England in their political or charitable pursuits and wants to raise that issue, that’s perfectly fine. But to do so through the criticism of 6-year-old George’s football jersey instantly delegitimizes any point they might have hoped to make. The only relevant takeaways from these photos are that George is happy and healthy. And honestly, it’s hard enough to get a 6-year-old into a clean shirt — without considering the entire UK population when doing so.

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