We Want to Hear From Black Parents

We Want to Hear From Black Parents


The Times is looking for stories about coping with the stresses of being Black while raising kids during the pandemic.

By Tiffanie Graham

Black parents are dealing with all the stressors of the pandemic — lack of child care, remote learning, economic hardship and more — while also contending with the seemingly endless stream of news about attacks on their community. Many are also confronting systemic racial inequalities in their children’s schools and in their workplaces.

How are Black mothers and fathers handling these additional burdens? What issues have come up for Black parents specifically, and how do these worries affect their ability to parent day to day? How do they cope with pandemic burnout under this additional, heavy weight?

The Times wants to tell the stories of Black parents during the pandemic. If you’re willing to be interviewed and photographed about your experience, tell us below: What has this moment in time looked like for you? How has it shaped your parenting? If we choose to share your story, a reporter will be in touch.

We Want to Hear From Black Parents

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