Wait, Could Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Really Be Moving to the US?

Wait, Could Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Really Be Moving to the US?


Stop the presses, people — if royal commentator Rob Shuter is right, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will move to the US. Baby Archie would be in tow, of course, but c’mon… could this be legit? Interestingly, British royals setting up residency in the states is not unprecedented. But there’s a lot to unpack, so let’s dive right into why this royal expert believes the Sussex family is destined to leave Britain and carve out a spot for themselves across the pond.

Shuter made the shocking claim on his iHeart Radio show, explaining that his sources say Meghan is deeply unhappy living in the shadow of her royal sister- and brother-in-law, Kate Middleton and Prince William. “Sources tell me within the royal family there’s been a lot of talk about Prince Harry and Meghan temporarily moving to Africa, but that isn’t going to happen because Meghan is planning to return to [North] America with her baby and her prince,” Shuter said, per the UK’s Express. “Sources add moving away from William and Kate Middleton is the goal. Meghan knows if she stays in Britain, this will always mean living in their shadow.”

And in Shuter’s words,  living in someone’s shadow would never work since “Meghan is not the type of girl who is happy coming in second place.”

As for whether the move would work logistically, Shuter claims the couple’s recent time visiting the East Coast makes them feel confident it’s possible. “After her baby shower in New York, Meghan knows she and Harry could do this, and if they did do this, they would become the unofficial king and queen of America,” Shuter said. Given that the Duchess is originally from California, where her mother still lives, it goes without saying that Meghan and Harry already have strong ties to the country.

Plus, they wouldn’t be the only members of the British royal family to make the move. Per Marie Claire, Lord Frederick Windsor — aka “Freddie” Windsor, a first cousin once removed of the Queen and brother of recently married Gabriella Windsor — lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Sophie Winkelman, where he works as a financial analyst. In 2013, Princess Eugenie moved to New York City to work as a benefit auctions manager for the online auction firm Paddle8. And in 2015, Eugenie’s sister, Princess Beatrice, followed suit in order to take finance courses in the US.

It remains to be seen if Shuter’s prediction will prove to be accurate (or even possible). But if you ask us, it sounds like a lovely idea. Surely there could be advantages to the Royal Family in having Harry and Meghan call one of Britain’s biggest allied countries home.

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