'The Office' Is Leaving Netflix & It Responded with the Perfect Meme

'The Office' Is Leaving Netflix & It Responded with the Perfect Meme


While it’s surely going to take some time for fans to make peace with the development, there is a silver lining to everyone’s favorite workplace sitcom no longer being available for easy streaming — The Office dropped a perfect meme about leaving Netflix. Although, if we’re really being honest, the super-Office-y response to the new tug-of-war between Netflix and NBC kind of makes us even sadder to say goodbye to the Dunder Mifflin gang.

In case you somehow managed to miss it, news broke on Tuesday that The Office will be leaving Netflix for good in January of 2021. And, basically, fans are not OK. Who doesn’t love to re-watch their favorite sitcoms on a semi-annual basis? Or cue up a beloved episode on a whim? Watching The Office is like comedic comfort food, and fans are obviously hungry. In fact, based on the collective uproar, they’re downright voracious. Alas, facts are facts — and the fact of the matter is that The Office’s time on Netflix is now finite.

So, what does the show think about all of this commotion? Well, let’s just say the official Twitter account for the series appointed a company spokesperson to do the speaking for them: Kelly Kapoor.

The Office used one perfect GIF to respond to the brouhaha. In it, Mindy Kaling’s Kapoor sings along to the tune of Gwen Stefani’s 2004 hit “Hollaback Girl,” saying, “This day is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” Fans of the sitcom will recognize the scene from season 3, during an episode where Kapoor had the unenviable job of training Dunder Mifflin’s more hostile employees in the wake of a watermark crisis (only at Dunder Mifflin, y’all!).

Do you feel those tiny pangs in your heart? Yeah, us too. It seems wrong to imagine a world in which you can’t cue up The Office on Netflix. But, hey, at least we’ve still got a little more time to swoon over Jim and Pam, object to everything Michael Scott says and wonder just how many cats Angela has had in her lifetime. “We’re sad that NBC has decided to take The Office back for its own streaming platform,” Netflix wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “But members can binge watch the show to their hearts’ content ad-free on Netflix until January 2021.”

After 2021, though, fans will have to buy into NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming platform in order to get their fill of The Office shenanigans.

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