The Boys star Jim Beaver reveals secret diagnosis of 'aggressive' cancer

The Boys star Jim Beaver reveals secret diagnosis of 'aggressive' cancer


Jim Beaver has revealed he was secretly diagnosed with an ‘aggressive’ form of cancer and following treatment is now cancer-free.

The actor, best-known for his roles in Supernatural and The Boys, secretly underwent treatment for prostate cancer after being diagnosed over four years ago.

He chose not to publicly share his diagnosis and continued to work, and has now shared the happy news that he has recovered.

The Bobby Singer star chose to share his story this week after a person unfortunately ‘made a rather public announcement of it in the comments’ of his social media account.

He explained he had ‘always intended to,’ but wanted to wait until he could give ‘a more definitive description’ of his current situation.

Now, after undergoing his most recent test which confirmed he is still cancer-free, he urged others to attend prostate exams as he managed to catch the diagnosis early.

‘In the fall of 2018, I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer,’ he explained.

First diagnosed in UCLA Medical Centre, he sought a second opinion at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas before beginning a six-month course of hormone treatment.

The treatment worked to reduce his levels of testosterone, ‘so that my angry red prostate could cool down and not be so cancerously active when it came time to cut it out, thus lessening the chance of spread.’

He explained: ‘In August, 2019, I went to Houston for surgery. It was done robotically and went exceptionally well. I was in the hospital for only one night. I came home and stayed in bed for ten days or so.

‘The greatest discomfort came from the verrrry slow absorption of the gas they inflate the abdomen with while performing the laparoscopic surgery. That hurt far more than the tiny incisions. Little or no muscle was cut, so my recovery was rapid, and I was quickly on my feet, though a typical urinary incontinence dogged me for a few months.’

He went on that he was ‘remarkably’ pain-free despite such a major surgery and was active again before too long, thanking his wife for helping him while he recovered.

‘My wife Sarah was extraordinarily helpful in helping me dress (‘there’s a catheter and bag for a few days) and handle the luggage when we flew back from Houston, and she was a kind and attentive mate during this time who took care of what needs I had trouble with.’

Over three years after the surgery, Jim confirmed he is cancer free, with no spread of the disease since – and his doctor recently telling him he is in ‘astonishingly good health for a man in my age group.’

Jim, adding that he was ‘blessed,’ explained he wanted to go public with his journey to explain the importance of catching the ‘very aggressive cancer quite early.’

‘I have had regular prostate exams at least annually for years. I even had a genetic test which suggested I was in the group most highly unlikely to get prostate cancer. And yet I got it.

‘If you are a male adult and not getting prostate exams as regularly as advocated for your age group, you are risking your life unnecessarily. I am a lucky man. We caught it early because I never let a year go by without a test.

‘Yeah, we all know the dumb jokes about the exam. You know what’s dumber? Getting prostate cancer when you could have prevented it.’

He finished with a nod to his Supernatural character’s single-word catchphrase, urging: ‘Don’t be an idjit. Get the digit.’

Jim’s revelation drew an outpouring of love from fans and friends on social media, with many praising the ‘wonderful, hopeful, smart post’ and congratulating him on being cancer-free.

The TV star is currently appearing in The Boys as Robert Singer – a nod to his Supernatural character Bobby Singer, as showrunner Eric Kripke is the mastermind behind both shows.

He isn’t the only SPN star to appear in the celebrated anti-hero series, with Jensen Ackles playing the dangerous villain Soldier Boy in season three.

Meanwhile, Supernatural and Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been confirmed to be joining the cast in the upcoming fourth series of the show.

The Amazon Prime drama follows a group of corrupt superheros who abuse their powers, known as The Seven, while The Boys are a team of vigilantes determined to keep their misbehaviour in check.

It’s not known what team the Supernatural star will side with (if any), with details about his character being kept strictly under wraps, but he has been brought on board as a returning guest star, according to Deadline.

Macmillan cancer support

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, Macmillan can offer support and information.

You can contact their helpline on 0808 808 00 00 (7 days a week from 8am to 8pm), use their webchat service, or visit their site for more information.

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