Switch 2 was at Gamescom after all but only for developers says rumour

Switch 2 was at Gamescom after all but only for developers says rumour


It’s claimed that select developers got to learn Switch 2 details first-hand from Nintendo during Gamescom.

Yesterday, a new Nintendo Switch 2 rumour alleged that Nintendo’s secret successor will come with a ‘new camera function;’ one which could potentially be used for AR.

Less than 24 hours later and another rumour has surfaced, although this one is following up on yet another rumour from the beginning of August.

As a reminder, word spread of Nintendo revealing its next console at Gamescom, either publicly or privately. The event has since wrapped up, but apparently the Switch 2 was present behind closed doors.

This comes courtesy of Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who claims to have heard that the Switch 2 was shown off, or at least discussed, with select developers and members of the press at Gamescom.

If Nintendo has any intention of launching a new console next year, as is widely suspected, it would certainly have to make developers aware sooner rather than later.

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