Sophia Bush Hughes & Hilarie Burton Morgan Prove They're Lifelong Friendship Goals in This Wholesome Instagram Post

Sophia Bush Hughes & Hilarie Burton Morgan Prove They're Lifelong Friendship Goals in This Wholesome Instagram Post


Showing off their charmingly silly personalities while rocking matching glamorous power suits, One Tree Hill alums Sophia Bush Hughes and Hilarie Burton Morgan got sentimental about their 20-year friendship on Instagram.

In a post made by Bush Hughes, she wrote, “You know how there are just those magical people in your life that have known you through every single version of yourself and that have loved you through all of them? The ones who you only get closer to with every passing year? The ones who you show up to break bread with, wearing the exact same — unplanned — outfit? Yup. [Hilarie is] that person. She’s my person.”

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The actress and activist continued, “Sister, I love love working to tackle climate change and wrongful convictions with you. I love being bad and sneaking away for wine and a bowl of pasta in the middle of the day with you. And I frickin’ love that we have arrived in our power suit era. We rule.”

If nostalgic OTH fans weren’t already drowning in tears of sentimental joy, they certainly may have gotten a little weepy at Burton Morgan’s response in the comments. “People ask all the time, ‘how do you decompress after covering heartbreaking cases?’ This. I cling to THIS!,” she wrote, continuing, “Silliness and history and secrets and triumph and sorcery and a million bits of fun that I hoard like fireflies in a jar.”

“I love our matching uniforms!!!,” Burton Morgan added. “We’re just cheering for different things now, in lockstep.” She finished with an appropriate and enthusiastic, “Go Ravens!!!!!”

The two former co-stars have been reflecting on their years spent filming the cult classic TV show with Bethany Joy Lenz, who was also one of the leading women in the series, in their rewatch podcast, Drama Queens. The women get candid about their uncomfortable and inappropriate experiences with misogynist executives, and they revisit their fondest memories during a whirlwind period of their lives, often having other co-stars on as guests.

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With nearly 20 years having passed since the first episode of One Tree Hill aired in 2003, Bush Hughes and Burton Morgan have truly brought Nathan Scott’s iconic final line to life, and it feels like the most wholesome instance of life imitating art.

It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”

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