Sideswipe: November 19: Shovel-ready? Not on your spade

Sideswipe: November 19: Shovel-ready? Not on your spade


This picture was snapped on SH43, the Forgotten World Highway, heading east from Whangamomona to Taumarunui. The shovel-ready stage of a building project is where workers can be employed and construction can begin.

When to mow your lawn

If you are one of those people who must cut their grass at 7am on Saturday morning and wake up the whole neighbourhood, you might want to rethink that strategy. Here’s why: “During the morning, the grass is wet with dew and it clogs the mower. The now-shocked grass has to fight for it’s life as it tries to survive the hottest part of the day. So morning is not good for you or the grass. Obviously, you shouldn’t mow during the day because the grass is already putting all of its energy into trying not to burn. At night, the grass has already had time to cool off and the roots have retained their moisture. So when it’s cut and goes into shock, it has the whole night to recover without needing or struggling for water. Oh, and never cut it as short as most people do. The grass needs length to develop strong roots.” (Via Reddit)

A list of oxymorons

1. Pretty ugly
2. Fairly unjust
3. Kind of mean
4. Charm offensive
5. Microsoft Works
6. Government intelligence
7. Fun run

(by @AdamCSharp)

Spool of salami

Unfortunate incidences of insect eradication

Last week a man in Tucson, Arizona tried to kill a spider with blowtorch and accidentally burnt his parents house down. Reminiscent of the man in France who just months earlier accidentally blew up part of his home and injured himself while trying to swat an annoying fly with a guitar-shaped bug zapper that interrupted his dinner. The electricity reacted with a gas pocket from a leaking gas canister inside the home, according to French news outlet France Bleu. The fate of the housefly is still unknown.

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