Sideswipe:  Daycare nightmare?

Sideswipe: Daycare nightmare?


Worst first dates

1. “My friends fixed me up on a blind date. Turned out to be my landlord and I was a month behind on rent.”
2. “He used a lint roller on my shirt
and pants before he would let me in his car.”
3. “On a lunch date, the handsome guy told me he spoke 4 languages…one of them was “Math”…then proceeded to ask me about my German heritage explaining how he wanted to make sure he would have blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan children.”
4. “Met for drinks. Moved on to dinner. Halfway through the salad he says: “I had a pancreas transplant for severe diabetes and as a result I have erectile dysfunction”. I choked on the lettuce.
5. “Took me rock climbing and wouldn’t let me rappel down until I committed to a second date. I lied just so I could get down.”
6. “He finished the bottle of wine and then casually poured half of my 1st glass into his.”
7. “I was 5 minutes late for the movie. Hegot impatient and entered alone. We were at the same movie in different seats. At the end we met at the exit shook hands and left.”

A sign of few words

Kindness of strangers

Last Wednesday Jackie Pittman had a dental appointment in the city and only realised when she got to Ellerslie railway station that trains just went to Newmarket. “So I thought I’d get an Uber, but for some reason my phone wouldn’t load it. I spotted a young man sitting alone and asked if he could check what I was doing wrong on my phone. He did but couldn’t get it to work either. Then he said he would get me one on his phone which he did. I offered to repay but he wouldn’t hear of it. That man’s name was Jesse and I just want to acknowledge with gratitude such a kind gesture to an unknown 81 year old with toothache. I made the appointment with two minutes to spare.”

Modern first world problems

Murdoch writes: “When you’ve done the laundry and realise you’ve left your wireless earbuds in your pocket. (I’ve done this twice and it hurts so bad.)”

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