Sandra Bullock’s Reaction to the Michael Oher Drama Shows How Little the Cast of The Blind Side Knew About What Was Actually Going On

Sandra Bullock’s Reaction to the Michael Oher Drama Shows How Little the Cast of The Blind Side Knew About What Was Actually Going On


Earlier this week, Michael Oher, the retired NFL player who inspired the hit 2009 film The Blind Side, stunned the world when he filed a petition claiming that the Tuohy family never adopted him and tricked him into a conservatorship instead. Knowing how much the movie’s audience rooted for Michael and his family, it’s safe to say the news was a shock to its viewers. And, as it turns out, the news was just as shocking to those working on the movie as well.

According to Daily Mail, Sandra Bullock, who played Leigh Anne Tuohy in the flick, finally reacted to the news. “She hates that such a wonderful story, a spectacular movie, and a spectacular time in her life now has been tainted,” the source said. Bullock won the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Oscar for her role in 2010.

Most of all, Bullock reportedly feels that the news ruins the viewers’ experience watching the move moving forward. “Now people won’t watch it and if they do, they will have a completely different reaction to its original intention,” the source said. “There was so much hard work put into the film that they all thought was the truth and now that has been questioned, it just upsets Sandra to no end that a time in her life that was so special, is now shadowed with a completely different perspective.”

Undoubtedly, her alleged reaction shows just how in the dark the cast was at the time of making the movie. After all, the movie was truly uplifting in every way.

As for what she thinks of the online discourse ridiculously claiming she’s no longer deserving of her Oscar, Bullock is reportedly not giving it much thought. “[Bullock is] really not giving much of her attention [to the online discourse,]” the source said.

Per the source, the actress says it’s “stupid” to give the conversation “any attention.” “There are so many other important things to worry about over that,” the insider said.

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Prior to Oher’s petition, Bullock was already going through a lot after her longtime partner, Bryan Randall, passed away after a three-year battle with ALS.

“Sandra is putting up a strong face and a strong front as it has been a rough patch for her emotionally with the loss of Bryan, and now she is heartbroken in a different way with all the fallout from the Michael Oher news,” the source continued. We can’t even imagine the pain she must be feeling right now.

The source continued, “She is figuring out how to move forward from it all, it is just going to take a little bit, but emotions are very high right now for Sandra and she is looking forward to better days ahead.” Our hearts go out to Bullock in this complicated time.

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