Observing Safety Measures at Escape Hour

Observing Safety Measures at Escape Hour


With the world at a state of emergency, everyone is being forced to stay at home. Good thing, Escape Hour is finally open but we are all forced to observe safety measures so we can all enjoy playing the quest game. One thing we must do is to always observe social distancing. Thus, you must not team up with someone you don’t know because that person may have the virus and there is a chance you will contact it. There will be a bunch of social distancing markings at the lobby outside the escape room.

The COVID-19 cases are being managed at Calgary and Edmonton are being slightly managed so we have seen a drop. That is definitely good news because that is the first step in things going back to normal. Everyone is going to wonder when we can all dine in at restaurants and travel wherever we want again. Unfortunately, it may be a long time before that happens and we have no choice but to abide by the rules of the new normal. One thing we must do is to always wear face masks. There is a chance Escape Hour will require you all to wear that inside the escape room.


When it is time for the photo opportunity after the quest game, there is no doubt you can take off the face mask. After all, your face won’t be completely seen if you wear it. In addition, you can expect the locker rooms to frequently get disinfected every time teams use them. Yes, Escape Hour  will prioritize the safety of everyone trying to play their quest games. They want to make it as fun and safe for everyone. It is nice to know that they are prioritizing safety. The last thing we would want to happen right now is for a second wave of COVID-19 infections to happen in Canada.

The president is already doing a great job handling it and we should all do our part in making sure the curve flattens. If that happens, the government will have no choice but to order businesses to open up again. We have seen a lot of people lose their jobs over the past few months. It would be tough for the world to recover in times like these. In fact, we’ve seen cities do different safety strategies in taking care of the virus until a vaccine is found for it.