Mum’s incredibly honest Amazon review for leggings is making hundreds laugh

Mum’s incredibly honest Amazon review for leggings is making hundreds laugh


It's no secret that gym wear is extremely comfortable and if most of us are honest, we'd probably prefer to spend our days decked out in leggings and baggy t-shirts, as opposed to skin-tight jeans and crop tops.

And if you're one of those who feel this way, please allow me to draw your attention to what have been described as the "best yoga pants ever".

A company called The Gym People are selling a pair of workout leggings with pockets on Amazon for $20.99 (about £16.67) and they've got rave reviews from hundreds of women.

The best of the bunch comes from a mum named Karen, who gave the leggings five stars and penned an incredibly honest – and downright hilarious – review of the black pants, which included a photo of her shoving a bottle of rosé wine into the pocket of the garment.

Her post on the shopping page has been liked by almost 300 people and has become the top review for other customers.

She wrote: "HOLY C***!! I bought these after seeing my friend wearing a similar pair that had pockets and watch her phone not fall out, but little did I know the heaven that would grace my butt when I put these on.

"Thick, COMFY, supportive material. Stretch for days! Hides all that post-baby belly chub like a dream! And the best part – the pockets!"

Karen continued: "The fact that [the pockets] exist is awesome, but I decided, for science, to see just how mom friendly these suckers are.

"They hold everything securely! As you can see in the picture, that's a full size bottle of rosé in my pocket and trust me when I tell you I could run from the police in these things and my precious pink (I'm referring to the rosé) is just as safe and secure as my kids once were in their baby carriers."

She goes on to reveal her amazement at how the pocket snapped right back into place after removing the bottle of wine, as if it had never been there in the first place.

The mum adds: "If you do one good thing for yourself today, it'll be to buy a pair of these. Also, don't worry when the package arrives and you bought your usual size. I thought they looked two sizes too small. But my self loathing insisted I try them on anyway and I was pleasantly surprised they fit just right.

"For reference I bought an XL and I'm about 5'-4" with long thick legs, wide hips and enough butt to get me in a Sir Mix A Lot video."

And Karen wasn't the only woman loving the leggings.

Another also gave them five stars and said: "I'm not going to lie: I added to cart to add to the reviews of pics with wine bottles in the pockets. But I whipped these on, felt all snug and happy, grabbed my bottle and ran upstairs.

"They're a winner in my book."

A third added: "I absolutely love these leggings. I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair for ages. These fit all the requirements."

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