Kelly Ripa Is Learning a Dance Inspired by J.Lo & Shakira's Halftime Show

Kelly Ripa Is Learning a Dance Inspired by J.Lo & Shakira's Halftime Show


Kelly Ripa — like the rest of the world — was pretty damn impressed with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s halftime show during the Super Bowl. But unlike (most of) the rest of us, Ripa channeled that inspiration into something awesome: she called up Shakira’s Super Bowl trainer Anna Kaiser, and booked an appointment to learn a dance routine inspired by these badass ladies. Ripa shared a video of herself learning the J.Lo and Shakira-inspired dance on Instagram, and we’re loving her energy — and, her adorable nickname for Lopez and Shakira.

On Tuesday evening, Ripa reposted friend Elsa Collins’ Instagram story, which featured Ripa, Collins, and Kaiser breaking a sweat while dancing it out. Collins had added a “hot stuff” GIF to the story, while Ripa added the caption shouting out Lopez and Shakira: “Workout today inspired by the ultimate Moms with moves JLo and Shakira.”

Kaiser — a legend in her own right, and the woman who helped Shakira get in fighting shape for the Super Bowl — also posted the video, shouting out her other celeb clients. “Can you believe this was her first class ever?!?” she wrote, with an arrow pointing toward Collins (we can’t — she killed it!). She added: “@shakira we found [our] next backup dancer!”

Kaiser chatted with SheKnows ahead of the Super Bowl, and it sounds like her relationship with Shakira goes way beyond what we’d expect from a personal trainer. “We’ve been working together for nine years and this is not a short-term fix — we really have been training consistently,” Kaiser said of the star’s pre-show routine. She also addressed Shakira’s needs beyond her workout schedule.

“I offered her a mindfulness trick, which is: Do not pick up your phone before you take care of what you need to start the day off on the right foot,” Kaiser explained. “So for her that’s spending time with her kids and getting in a good workout…then you can go into your day more focused, more energized, without the guilt that you didn’t get to do those things that you really need.”

Can Kaiser be our trainer, please?

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