Jacqueline Wong earns reprieve as TVB will not erase her scenes from TV drama

Jacqueline Wong earns reprieve as TVB will not erase her scenes from TV drama


It looks like viewers may still get to see Jacqueline Wong on the small screen after all.

The TVB actress was caught in a cheating scandal with singer Andy Hui in April and several television shows involving her have since been affected.

The Offliners was one of the first TV shows to be canned, while Forensic Heroes 4 was reshot to remove scenes with Wong, with her role in the TV drama being replaced by actress Roxanne Tong.

Finding Her Voice, where Wong has a leading role, was also scheduled to be reshot, with actress Kaman Kong one of the candidates to replace her in the TV serial.

However, TV producer Wong Wai Sing has since confirmed with the Hong Kong media that the reshooting would not take place.

He explained to Ming Pao Daily News on Sunday (June 23) that removing all the scenes with actress Wong would mean reshooting the entire 30 episodes.

He said that other factors were considered before the decision was taken not to reshoot the TV serial. They included some of the locations used for filming being unavailable, such as a hotel used in the shooting being renovated for a few months.

He added that it was almost impossible to accommodate the different schedules of the actors in a short span of time and fit them in the more than one month set aside for the reshooting.

Veteran actor Chung King Fai was also reported to be ill during filming, but producer Wong sidestepped the question of whether Chung’s health was one of the factors.

Would Finding Her Voice still see the light of day as it is one of TVB’s major productions to mark its 52nd anniversary this year? Producer Wong said he would leave that decision to the company management.

The artists involved in the show were disappointed about the decision not to reshoot the TV drama.

Veteran Singapore actor Hugo Ng told Ming Pao that he hoped Finding Her Voice would be screened soon, while Kong expressed confidence on Instagram that the opportunity to land a leading role in a TV serial would arrive eventually.

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