Ivana Trump Was Reportedly 'Totally Broken Down' After Her Ex Donald Trump Was Elected President

Ivana Trump Was Reportedly 'Totally Broken Down' After Her Ex Donald Trump Was Elected President


The death of Ivana Trump in July took many people by surprise, but it seems her downfall came much earlier than 2022. Her life took a dramatic turn when her ex-husband, Donald Trump, became the 45th President of the United States and her socialite calendar suddenly became empty.

In the 1980s, Ivana and Donald were the toast of the town and on everyone’s New York City invite list. After their infamous divorce, she was still a beloved figure on the social scene and rarely found herself in the same type of controversies as her ex-husband. Her longtime friend and fashion designer Marc Bouwer told Vanity Fair that Ivana was sobbing in the days leading up to the inauguration in 2017.

“They hate me! They all hate me!” Bouwer recalled Ivana saying. “Everywhere I go they say things and they shout things at me! Outside my house, in St.-Tropez, Palm Beach, everywhere! They hate me!” She was struggling to reconcile that the elite money world she floated so effortlessly in started to shun her because of the Trump name. “It’s not my fault. I am not him! I divorced him a long time ago,” Bouwer remembered his late friend saying, “I do not deserve this!”

The fashion designer said that the election and subsequent criticism she received for even being associated with the Trump administration left her “totally broken down.” That dark life continued over the four years of the family’s time in the White House and it seems Ivana never recovered to her former glorious social circles with Manhattan’s rich and famous.

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