Girl spying on boyfriend catches him outrageously flirting with another girl

Girl spying on boyfriend catches him outrageously flirting with another girl


One girl was left in tears as she watched her boyfriend outrageously flirt with another girl during a night out on his lads holiday.

Granted she had set her boyfriend up and had been spying on his all-boys break, but turns out she had good reason to.

MTV’s new reality show Undercover Girlfriends sees a group of girlfriends follow their boyfriends – who think they’re on a lads holiday to Marbella and have no idea that their other halves are actually watching their every move from the villa next door.

It’s also to test whether their partners really are ‘the one’ and the girls are seen going to extreme lengths to check on their men, whether that be pretending to be masseuses, posing as window cleaners, dressing up in costumes and gatecrashing their nights out from the car park.

Tuesday night’s episode saw everything end in tears for one couple Ryan and Tyler, as he broke his girl’s heart by not being able to resist temptation while out at a nightclub.

Ryan, who has previously cheated on Tyler, was seen eyeing up the girls on the next table, inviting them back to the boys’ villa and telling one girl that she was totally his type – and all while Tyler watched on from the car park.

It definitely made for uncomfortable viewing, as Ryan eyed up the girls in the club and told the boys: ‘I’m not touching yet… what happens in Marbella, stays in Marbella.’

‘I actually think he’s being a w**ker,’ Tyler said as she watched on. ‘Why would you go over and introduce yourself if you’ve got a girlfriend there’s no need to?

‘I actually don’t want to watch it. No one else is saying sh*t like that… he’s a f**king a**hole.’

After spying on Ryan for 45 minutes, Tyler decided to go home while the other girls continued to watch on.

‘He’s supposed to be proving to me that he’s not interested in nobody at all. Banter is not funny when you’ve already cheated on somebody. His eyes have fallen out of his f**king head,’ she cried.

Little did she know that Ryan was telling the boys that he wasn’t in a good place when it came to their relationship, before then telling one girl that caught his eye: ‘You are really beautiful. You’re my type all over. I want a bit of fun, man. You are sexy as f**k.’

And just in case he hadn’t made it clear that he was interested, he then told his pal: ‘That girl sat down next to us she is f**king banging.’

The episode ended with Ryan stripping off and getting into a hot tub, while the other boys watched on.

Something tells us this one isn’t going to end well…

Undercover Girlfriends continues tomorrow at 9pm on MTV and is on every week night until Friday 17 July.

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