Final Fantasy 16 will be the first mainline sequel to use the F-word

Final Fantasy 16 will be the first mainline sequel to use the F-word


Although some of the spin-offs have got a bit sweary, Final Fantasy 16 will be the first numbered sequel to be mature-rated.

It’s not something you’ve probably thought about before but all the mainline Final Fantasy games usually have an age rating of 12 or 16. Sex and violence is not something you really associate with the series and neither is swearing, and that at least is going to change with Final Fantasy 16.

Out later in the year, like most new entries Final Fantasy 16 has no story connection to any of the other sequels and this time leaves behind most of its Japanese roots in order to present a tale inspired by the likes of Game of Thrones.

That series certainly doesn’t worry about its language and according to Square Enix’s Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, ‘it’s great to have somebody yell ‘f*k!’ when the situation calls for it.’

As Koji Fox points out, the recent Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin did have swearing and, like most things in that game, it came across as laughably tryhard.

Hopefully that’s not going to be the case for Final Fantasy 16 though, which has a much more serious tone than any of the previous games. Even if the main character is called Clive.

‘There are a lot of great characters in the game. Because it’s a mature game, I got to let some of them swear which has been fun. In Final Fantasy games, it has always been teen [rated] so we have to be careful for the language,’ Koji Fox told WellPlayed.

‘This [Final Fantasy 16] is the first numbered Final Fantasy that is mature. We didn’t go too over the top.’

Producer Naoki Yoshida, aka Yoshi-P, has already insisted he doesn’t like Final Fantasy 16 being referred to as a Japanese role-playing game, not least because it’s an action role-player that, in gameplay terms, seems to have little in common with the previous titles.

It’s been repeatedly compared to God Of War, including in this new interview, which is no doubt a result of Square Enix’s general attempts to appeal more to Western gamers, after admitting they can no longer rely on Japan alone to turn a profit.

Final Fantasy 16 will launch on June 22 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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