Demi Moore’s Daughter Tallulah Willis Looks Like a Disney Princess in This Dramatic Green Ballgown

Demi Moore’s Daughter Tallulah Willis Looks Like a Disney Princess in This Dramatic Green Ballgown


Demi Moore’s daughter Tallulah Willis just wowed everyone with a Disney-princess-like snapshot that’s going to live in our minds rent-free.

On Oct 11, Willis uploaded a photo to her Instagram story, which seriously took our breath away. She uploaded a photo of herself in a stunning, ruffled dress with no caption, only the fairy emoji (which fits perfectly, in our opinion!)

In the photo, we see Willis looking ethereal in a muted green, ruffled ballgown. She has her blonde hair slicked back, which compliments her warm-toned gold accessories like her delicate bracelet and yellow sash. She’s posing elegantly in a way that shows off the tattoos on her arms, and the warm-hued background only accentuates the whole look even more.

While Willis isn’t in the public eye as much as her sisters, she is known as a strong mental health advocate, and she showed that with her previous fashion collection. Back in 2020, she launched her brand Wyllis, which is a clothing line that is all about self-love and mental health awareness.

In a previous interview with WWD, she talked about how her passion for mental health influenced her line. She said, “Mental health has been paramount in my adulthood. Understanding my mental health, understanding my journey in my early teens and adolescence, I had a lot of feelings and no language around what was happening, and what this was, and what these feelings were.”

She added, “I wanted to be a part of the movement of healing. I wanted to also integrate my love for clothing and my passion for fashion into something that also I’m very passionate about, which is mental health.”

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While the shop is currently closed for the moment, we love to see Willis continue her passion for fashion.

Willis, 28, is the youngest daughter of Moore and Bruce Willis, with two older sisters named Rumer, 34, and Scout, 31.

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