Dawn O'Porter and Olly Murs remember Caroline Flack 3 years on from her death

Dawn O'Porter and Olly Murs remember Caroline Flack 3 years on from her death


Tributes from friends of Caroline Flack have poured in on the third anniversary of her death.

TV presenter Flack took her own life in February 2020 at the age of 40, amid a media storm as she awaited a court appearance on charges of assaulting Lewis Burton, her boyfriend at the time.

The Love Island star has been sorely missed since, with the shocking news of her death sparking a ‘Be Kind’ movement in aid of mental health.

Remembering her three years on, famous friends of Flack’s have shared photos and memories of her.

Dawn O’Porter recalled the harrowing moment she received the phone call informing her that her friend had died, posting a photo of a review she wrote for Flack’s autobiography in 2015.

‘Like the best Saturday-night TV ever, I was hooked. Friendship, heartbreak and naughty nights out – it’s great to what really goes on inside those shorts,’ her quote read.


Dawn then penned in her lengthy caption on Wednesday afternoon: ‘At this exact time three years ago I got the call. Life changed forever. A switch turned off that would never go back on. A laugh that took up so much space went quiet. The sound of tiny feet faded away. Burgers and red wine felt sad. Karaoke was pointless. All the things that felt good, felt wrong. The world went mad.’

She continued: ‘Joy has made a comeback now, in a different way. We work harder to create it. We can celebrate her greatness along with our sadness. We’re all doing our very best.

‘But still all I want in the whole wide world is for my phone to flash with a message from ‘Flackster’ saying “none of that was real.”‘

Dawn concluded: ‘Miss her loads every single day and always will forever and ever and ever. Sending love to all who loved her ❤️’

She received an outpouring of love in the comments, including a kissing and heart emoji from Flack’s friend and former co-presenter Olly Murs.

Pop star Olly shared his own tribute, uploading a black and white photo of him and the Xtra Factor host.

‘Hardest day of the year 😢 3 years of pain that never goes away but that smile and laughter I can still see and hear everyday! Miss ya Caz 💔’, he wrote.

Lou Teasdale – former make-up artist and hair stylist to One Direction – also shared photos to her Instagram Story.

Having been the one to find Flack when she died – along with her sister and dad – she also wrote on her feed: ‘There are a lot of people focused on making sure empathy and kindness never leave the room again. This is your legacy C.” 🕊️💫 (cc @misanharrimanI’ve stolen that caption because I think that’s exactly what she wanted her legacy to be)’.

Flack’s mum, Christine, also gave an interview for the anniversary of her daughter’s death.

Speaking to Eastern Daily Press about the lasting impact of the tragedy, she said Flack’s legacy is ‘amazing’, as total strangers will approach her on the street to share how much ‘Carrie’ meant to them.

‘She has a memorial bench and people from as far away as Scotland and Holland have left notes for her there,’ she shared.

‘It is clear she touched so many lives and continues to do so.’

However, the family still grieves, adding: ‘Every year around Christmas and then Valentine’s Day all I can think about is Carrie.

‘Because it happened so soon after Christmas, it becomes a constant reminder.

‘These are supposed to be happy occasions all about family and love, but they are among the hardest times of year for me.

‘It is just awful but all I can do is try and get through it day to day.’

Christine said she gets ‘angry’ every now and again when she’s reminded of what happened, but is thankful for the ‘support’ of friends and family.

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