Celebrity Treasure Island: The ever-changing alliances and a heartbreaking goodbye

Celebrity Treasure Island: The ever-changing alliances and a heartbreaking goodbye


Welcome back to Celebrity Treasure Island, where teams no longer exist but alliances do.

That’s right, last week saw the end of Repo and Katipō. It was everybody against everybody else and it caused a very awkward morning. Edna Swart cooked breakfast for the celebs and Candy Lane hated it so much she threw it in the sand and covered it up.

Thankfully she had the decency to do it discreetly.

The first individual face-off took place and Lance Savali took out the win, earning himself the right to pick who would be going up for elimination.

How does this man always end up with the power? Is it the hair? It is the swag? Who knows.

The last pirate market took place after the face-off and lines in the sand were drawn. It became as clear as day who was teaming up with who.

Buck Shelford, Anna Simcic, Jess Tyson and Lane put their coins together to score themselves one clue and one secret scroll which later turned out to be a swapsie. Should any of them be put up for elimination, they could swap out with someone else.

That’s a bit sneaky, isn’t it? Wish I had one of those for when it’s my turn to pay for a round of drinks.

Savali, Chris Parker, Brynley Stent and Swart were in an unofficial alliance and ended up buying things separately and to say it got a tad awkward would be an understatement.

“This marketplace is stirring the pot, like really stirring the pot.” Parker looked extremely amused as he spoke to the confession cam.

Savali and Stent brought a clue together and before Savali got the chance to share it with everyone, Stent stepped in making it very clear she wanted to keep it a secret between Savali, herself and Parker.

“You’re not included in that.” She pointed at Swart and holy heck, the air was tense enough to cut with a knife. Did nobody tell her that Mean Girls is so 2004?

I was on the edge of my seat because a tense competition is exactly the drama I need in my life. Move over Grey’s Anatomy, there is a more dramatic show on TV2 now.

Tonight’s episode saw Swart try to build her alliance with Tyson before the individual face-off and it both did and didn’t work.

The beauty queen proved she was in fact all brains as she wanted to keep her options open, thinking she had a better play with Shelford, Lane and Simcic if she lost the face-off.

Shelford anticipated someone in his alliance would win and was determined to put Swart up for elimination. “We’re going straight for Edna,” he grinned at the confession cam.

Clearly no mates on that beach.

At the individual face-off, the celebs oddly had to be split into teams of four, then split off into two and finally individuals. There was a whole bunch of stuff they had to do but unsurprisingly it all came down to who could solve the puzzle first.

At this point, it’s about as predictable as Cindy’s 4pm Monday press conferences.

Tyson took out the win and she scored herself a steak lunch in which Lane and Simcic got to join her.

What a cute little girls’ day out.

Later, once the gals had decided to put up Parker and Stent for elimination, Swart pulled Tyson for a chat on the beach that was more or less Swart doing all the talking while Tyson looked way too in her head and possibly in a food coma.

That steak looked scrumdiddlyumptious.

Anyway Swart said if Tyson put her up she’d make sure she wins and share the clue with Tyson.

As it turned out Swart did go up for elimination, but she was in place of Shelford, who had been picked by Savali. Shelford used the swapsie scroll to try to get Swart out of the competition.

Boss babe and business owner Swart found herself competing against actor and writer Brynley Stent. “I’ve just realised they’ve put up Edna verses Brynley and I’m just like no way,” Savali told the confession cam, looking way too surprised for his own good.

The elimination round was all about balance and the two women had to hold a ball in place with a long stick as they walked up and down a beam pole. The first to do so without dropping the ball would win.

Like any elimination, things got tense but no one was surprised when the ambitious (and slightly admirable) babe, Swart, took out the win.

Through tears, Stent said her goodbye “Winning isn’t everything because there are so many small wins along the way.” And honestly, it was like watching Regina George get hit by a bus.

Back at camp things got awkward because Tyson realised Lane and Shelford are playing their own game – which, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, is mainly them trying to sabotage Swart.

But Swart is all over those suckers and warned Tyson not to trust them.

Tyson should, however, trust Swart, who won not only the elimination round but another clue. Will she share with Tyson as promised? Come back tomorrow to find out.

For all the inside gossip and behind the scenes stories, listen to Inside Celebrity Treasure Island hosted by S2 contestant Kim Crossman!

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