Celebrity MasterChef: Gregg Wallace and Dom Littlewood look freakishly alike

Celebrity MasterChef: Gregg Wallace and Dom Littlewood look freakishly alike


Celebrity MasterChef fans were a little distracted during Wednesday night’s episode of the show, after seeing Gregg Wallace and Dom Littlewood come face-to-face in the kitchen.

Gregg is a judge on MasterChef and has been since the get go, alongside co-star John Torode, while Dom is best known for fronting shows like Fake Britain and Cowboy Builders.

Dom is hoping to impress the judges during his heat in this year’s series of Celebrity MasterChef, where he was seen competing alongside the likes of Sam Quek, Baga Chipz, Karen Gibson and Phil Daniels.

Although, his debut was slightly overshadowed by fans freaking out over him and Gregg being ‘the same person’.

They’re both bald, they both wear glasses and they both have strong London accents, so naturally fans were a little confused and the uncanniness didn’t go unnoticed by Gregg and Dom either.

Judge Gregg joked to Dom early into the episode: ‘Dom as I approached your bench, I didn’t know whether I was talking to a contestant or looking in the mirror.’

Dom cheekily replied: ‘I’ll tell you what we’re a couple of good-looking chaps, ain’t we Gregg?’

Cue the funny memes.

Commenting on how alike the two TV stars are, one fan joked: ‘I’m confused how Gregg is managing to judge at the same time as being Dom.’

Another teased: ‘Hang on, if Dom Littlewood and Gregg Wallace meet, won’t there be some kind of rip in the space-time continuum?’

‘Dom Littlewood and Gregg Wallace on the same show? They’re like twins. #masterchef #celebritymasterchef,’ tweeted one viewer.

Viewers watched on as Dom was had a mare cooking garlic bread during the restaurant round, with him constantly burning the bread while trying to get his head around using a tandoori oven.

‘That couldn’t have gone worse, could it? I’ve burnt my hand. I’ve cremated about six naan breads out of eight and I’ve also cooked a plastic timer,’ he sighed.

Dom was then seen making egg-fried rice for the dish of his choice in the heat’s third round.

Celebrity MasterChef airs Wednesday at 9pm and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on BBC One.

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