Brittany Snow Said Her Life Turned 'Upside Down' After Her Divorce From Tyler Stanaland

Brittany Snow Said Her Life Turned 'Upside Down' After Her Divorce From Tyler Stanaland


When we go through a breakup, as painful as it may be, we also learn so much about ourselves. How we can survive on our own, how much we can rely on our friends and family for strength, how incredible we are in our ability to bounce back, and much more. These lessons, among many others, are a few of what Pitch Perfect‘s Brittany Snow learned since divorcing Selling the O.C. star Tyler Stanaland back in September 2022.

Snow, who has her first book September Letters: Finding Strength and Connection in Sharing Our Stories out now, opened up about her split in a recent interview with Bustle.

“In the past year I went through probably the hardest mental health challenge I’ve ever faced,” she told her friend and co-author Jaspre Guest. “In one day, in a matter of hours, my life turned completely upside down. I was blindsided and everything I thought I knew, held sacred and truly trusted in my life was completely different.”

The actress continued, explaining that just a few days after her “blindsided” breakup, her grandmother passed away. “I think everything I knew about mental health was tested,” she said. “Thank god for my friends. I don’t know if I would have made it without them. They reminded me who I was and the things I stood for. I used all the tools I knew. All of them.”

In fact, one of the friends who helped Snow just happened to be a Pitch Perfect co-star, who remained unnamed. “The last year has been really tricky for me, and one of the girls, I just, you know, opened up her door and I just fell down to the ground and just cried and laid there,” Snow remembered. “And she basically nursed me back to health for like four days.”

According to Snow, her friendship with the rest of the cast was as real in interviews as it was outside of them. “We really did get to become close friends, if not family,” Snow said.

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Snow’s new book, which is at 30% off on Amazon right now, is a “collection of letters, notes, and conversations among friends, celebrities, experts, and the September Letters community.” The description reads, “A guide to help us clearly see that we are not alone, and that sharing your story is powerful and healing.” Talk about the perfect post-breakup read!

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