Aaron & Sam Taylor-Johnson's Vow Renewal Sparked Controversy About Their Age Gap on Social Media

Aaron & Sam Taylor-Johnson's Vow Renewal Sparked Controversy About Their Age Gap on Social Media


Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a romantic vow renewal on the day of the summer solstice. Any time a Hollywood celebrity couple crosses a major marital milestone, fans are often rejoicing, but why do Aaron and Sam often find themselves mired in controversy?

There is often an age gap in entertainment industry marriages, usually with the man much older than the woman. Some people might consider it sexist that the Fifty Shades of Grey director gets called out on this, but it’s when she met Aaron that makes some fans question the relationship. The duo met on the set of the 2009 John Lennon biopic, Nowhere Boy, when she was 42 and Aaron was 18. She was the director, and he was the star — the power structure alone is complicated in a work setting, and then a teen just out of high school falls madly in love with a woman in her 40s. If the tables were turned, social media would be screaming about the situation (just take a look at Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s relationship through a modern lens).


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However, the couple has now been married for a decade with two kids, Wylda, 11, and Romy, 10. Sam also has two daughters from a former relationship with Jay Jopling, Angelica, 25, and Jessie, 16. If you do the math, Aaron is only seven years older than Sam’s oldest child — and that’s where Twitter jumped in to call this out after the couple’s “magical” renewal ceremony photos were shared with the public (with the comments turned off, naturally). On Twitter, one user felt uncomfortable with stars like Minnie Driver sharing in Aaron and Sam’s celebration of love, writing, “sam taylor johnson being a groomer and seeing celebrities praise her relationship with aaron is so weird.” Another account noted the realities of the internet and how people share information, adding, “90% of Nowhere Boy’s IMDB and Wikipedia page traffic is just people trying to figure out exactly how old Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were when it was being filmed.”

The grooming allegations are rumors, but it’s fair to call into question the blurry lines of an older director getting involved with a teen on the set of a movie. If this had happened during the #MeToo era, Sam probably would have caught more heat. Now that they are happily married and have merged their blended family, a lot of the details get glazed over, but the internet never forgets.

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