A Royal Insider Revealed Prince Charles’ Alleged Array of Quirks & One Involves a Teddy Bear

A Royal Insider Revealed Prince Charles’ Alleged Array of Quirks & One Involves a Teddy Bear


From the stories we’ve heard about the British royals, sometimes we feel like we know them personally. King Charles III, for example, is one that a lot of us think we know well. From his marriage to Princess Diana to his affair-turned-marriage with Queen Consort Camilla, a lot of his life – whether he wanted to or not – has been played out to the public. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, royal author and insider Christopher Andersen shared what U.K.’s newest monarch is allegedly really like.

“He wants what he wants when he wants it,” Andersen, author of the upcoming book The King: The Life of Charles III, said of the monarch. “[Charles is] one of the most eccentric sovereigns Great Britain has ever had.”

Among the royal’s many reported quirks, Andersen said Charles “still travels with a childhood teddy bear.” He added, “He’s had it since he was a very small child. The only person who’s been allowed to mend King Charles’ teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to.”


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In addition to his teddy bear, Charles allegedly also travels with a “custom-made toilet seat.” Though he’s denied this statement in the past, Andersen said that people who work in the palace have confirmed it. We wonder what that toilet seat is made of… gold maybe?

In another surprising reveal, Andersen told ET that Charles brings his own chef when going to dinner parties at other people’s homes “so they can prepare a meal for him that he’ll eat separately at the table.” We can’t even imagine having the King over only to see him snub the food!

“I think one of the funniest quirks,” Andersen said, noting that “a number of royals have this,” is that “they don’t like square ice cubes.” The royal author explained, “They carry around ice cube trays, have them brought with them wherever they go, because they don’t like the clinking sound that square cubes make.”

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As for what Charles’ personality is like, Andersen claimed he has “a volcanic temper” and noted a few moments in which his anger took the best of him. “One of his valets described a scene where he lost a cufflink down the sink and got so angry that he actually tore the sink off the wall,” Andersen told, “he did this twice.” Andersen added, “He’s very capable of flying into rages.”

We’re not too sure if Andersen’s remarks of the King are a cause for concern. After all, it appears that as long as we don’t touch his teddy bear, disappear with his cufflinks, or serve him square ice cubes we’ll be okay. I guess everyone has their quirks, right?

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