You Can Now Pin Stickers On TikTok To Take Your Videos To The Next Level

You Can Now Pin Stickers On TikTok To Take Your Videos To The Next Level


TikTok is making video creation even more customizable for users. While TikTok creators alredy let the creativity flow, there’s another way to get more out of the app with a brand new feature. You can now pin stickers on TikTok, so get ready to take your videos to the next level.

TikTok announced the new pin stickers feature on Monday, Feb. 24 via its @tiktok account. Before, when you made a TikTok video, there was no way to pin a sticker to a specific object. Now, you can use the pin stickers feature, which lets you choose a sticker and pin it to whatever object you want in the video. Once pinned, the sticker stays in that spot, but it also changes in size according to the movement within your video. This way, the sticker looks like it’s part of the video, rather than just a static, overlay effect.

To access and use the pin sticker feature on TikTok, you’ll need to follow these steps:

You can also choose to set the duration that the sticker will appear in the video by selecting "Set Duration." Then, you can edit how long the sticker is there with an easy slide bar.

ICYMI, there’s also a handy feature on TikTok that lets you limit your screen time if you need a bit of help keeping track. Although TikTok released its Screen Time Management feature back in April 2019, the setting is a little hard to find. Find the feature by going t your profile and tapping on the three dots in the upper righthand corner. From there, go to General > Digital Wellbeing > Screen Time Management. Once you’re there, you can choose the length of time you want to spend on TikTok and set a pin number to enter when you reach that limit. Then, the next time you use TikTok and reach your time limit, the app with prompt you to enter your pin in order to keep using it.

With TikTok expanding its features, you’ll want to test out the new pin stickers feature to see how it works for yourself.

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