'World's Worst Pedo' EXPOSED – Childcare Worker Charged With Staggering 1600+ Counts Of Rape, CSAM, & Abuse

'World's Worst Pedo' EXPOSED – Childcare Worker Charged With Staggering 1600+ Counts Of Rape, CSAM, & Abuse


The so-called “world’s worst pedo” has been identified. These charges are frankly difficult to fathom. Mostly the fact there are a jaw-dropping 1623 of them.

The childcare worker was taken into custody by Australian authorities last year and charged with two counts of making child exploitation material and one count of using a carriage service for child pornography material. But those counts skyrocketed as the investigation continued. The final count came out for the first time back in August once all the victims were identified. And we mean all. He’s charged with the abuse of 91 little girls over a 15 year period from 2007 to 2022 — 87 from Australia, four from other countries. He may be the single worst offender who’s ever been caught in the country — but he remained unnamed for legal reasons. He has now been unmasked. According to local new outlets, he’s a 45-year-old from the Gold Coast named Ashley Griffith.

Apparently Griffith was able to get close to children by working at childcare centers, 12 different ones over the last decade and a half — one in Europe (though the country is not named), one in New South Wales, and the rest in Brisbane.

The sheer numbers of his crimes over those years is staggering. Per The US Sun‘s tally, he faces 604 counts of indecent treatment of a child, 613 counts of making child exploitation material, 136 counts of rape, 110 counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10. Under 10… JFC…

He got repeated access to his victims through his job. Police say he raped one victim 28 times and abused another 54 times.

Apparently he was finally caught last year when Australian Federal Police spotted certain items in the background of CSAM videos they intercepted on the dark web. Shockingly the first time they came across his videos was way back in 2014. It took that long to take this man down… and the damage he did in that time…

Shockingly Griffith had been investigated before. In 2021, colleagues reported they’d seen him touching a child inappropriately. The case was dropped due to lack of evidence — and he went right back to work with kids.

As the director of a childcare center in Brisbane, his staff profile read:

“I love engaging children in meaningful experiences that inspire their play and learning. Young children are natural inquirers, exploring the world through their senses, seeking answers and building theories. As an Early Childhood Teacher I hope to share this journey, learning side-by-side children and inspiring them.”

Horrific in retrospect, knowing why he was really there.

The reason Griffith has finally been named, btw, is the law was changed. Until Tuesday, an older law was in effect preventing law enforcement from naming accused rapists until the last minute, when their trials were beginning. Griffith is the first alleged predator to be named since the change.

If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to www.childhelp.org

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