Victoria Valentine slams Scott Mills’ Children In Need fundraiser

Victoria Valentine slams Scott Mills’ Children In Need fundraiser


Scott Mills bids emotional farewell to BBC Radio 1

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Victoria Valentine, 38, slammed Scott Mills’  24-hour treadmill challenge to raise money for BBC Children in Need as she claimed it brought “humiliation” to the presenter. The 49-year-old broadcaster kicked off the challenge on Wednesday sporting a pair of Pudsey ears and walked and ran for 24 hours, without stopping.

Along his huge endeavour, Scott received visits from a number of well-known faces, including Eurovision star Sam Ryder.

However, the mammoth challenge did not sit well with fellow BBC star Victoria, who took to Twitter to share her views.

In view of her 56,800 followers, she re-shared Pop Idol judge Nicki Chapman’s post which featured a video of herself running on a separate treadmill alongside the presenter.

Nicki said: “The Great Scott TreadMills Challenge for @BBCCiN @scott_mills @BBCRadio2

“This man is a machine – just a few hours left on that treadmill for Scott’s incredible challenge.

“24 hours straight… well nearly there… He’s in pain, he’s tired & emotional but he’s also committed!!”

Reacting to the post, Victoria tweeted: “Oh man. Poor guy. Actually feeling a little ashamed to be inadvertently watching a public spectacle of one man’s tunnel of pain.

“Is it not a little… 2015? When reality tv meant humiliation & ridicule was de rigueur?

“I hear ‘all for a good cause’ but are we not kinder now?”

However, Victoria’s stance sparked debate among other social media users, who responded to her tweet sharing their own views on the subject.

Justatic1 said: “If he was forced to do this, make a complaint/contact the police/mount a rescue operation.

“If he did this willingly, perhaps stop patronising him & treating him as though he’s being held hostage.

“How about congratulating him for his determination & success? That would be kind.”

Jason1973bob told the broadcaster: “Yes I think you have a point but it was Scott’s idea to do this.”

NickHoyle1 tweeted: “Whoever comes up with the ideas needs to make sure the participant is capable and well prepared rather than just hoping for the best.”

IndyJef penned: “Yes it’s very 2015. And all the better for it.

“A time when rich, famous & disproportionately powerful British people weren’t eternal victims & were more than happy to let the joke be on them for the still unequal trade of Brits working 3 jobs giving their hard earned cash.”(sic)

Scott completed his challenge at 8.20am on Thursday morning after raising a huge £1million for BBC’s Children In Need.

Speaking on the corporation’s flagship news programme BBC Breakfast, he said: “I just want to say thank you to everyone (who has donated).

“It’s been such a ride, I honestly didn’t think in these times we would even get close to that amount and I’m truly grateful.”

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