Tyreek Hill Challenges Usain Bolt To Race, 'Stop Hiding'

Tyreek Hill Challenges Usain Bolt To Race, 'Stop Hiding'


Tyreek Hill says it’s put up or shut up time for Usain Bolt … ’cause after the track legend talked some smack about the NFL star’s speed, Hill officially challenged him to a race!

The scene played out in hilarious fashion Thursday … after Bolt joined “The Pat McAfee Show” and mentioned Tyreek has urged him in the past to set up a race.

“Me and Tyreek Hill got into it,” Bolt told McAfee, explaining it never happened because he says, quite frankly, his 40-time is just too damn electric.

“He was talking ‘blah blah blah,'” Bolt said of Hill. “But, then I went to the combine one year, and if you go on the net right now, I ran 4.22 in my sweats and some street shoes.”

“I was like, ‘Come on, Tyreek Hill. You got no chance!'”

Hill saw the chatter … and now wants Bolt to finally put his money where his mouth is — and hit the track for a showdown!!

“Line up then,” Hill said on social media. “Stop hiding.”

The race might actually be a decent one … Bolt, after all, is retired from competitive running — and Hill is just entering the prime of his NFL career.

Plus, Tyreek has track experience … and has told us in the past he wants to run in the Olympics some day.

So, let’s stop the talk here … see ya both on the track soon?!?

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