Tokyo Toni Roasts Blac Chyna’s Boyfriend Lil Twin

Tokyo Toni Roasts Blac Chyna’s Boyfriend Lil Twin


During another social media rant, the mom of the former ‘Rob and Chyna’ star also threatens to kick Lil Twin out of the 34-year-old video vixen’s house in an Instagram video.

AceShowbizTokyo Toni continued to put Blac Chyna on blast. After accusing her of illuminati and calling her a “demon,” Toni targeted the video vixen’s boyfriend Lil Twin in yet another social media rant.

Slamming Lil Twin, Toni said in an Instagram video, “You all on this man’s page while he’s living with you and your two children. Period.” She added, “How many men are you gonna bring around, in and out? How many times I gotta tell you this?”

Not stopping there, Toni dragged Lil Twin as saying, “You at my daughter’s house eating, drinking, sleeping, and looking at a Baphomet every time you hit that thing from the back. Y’all demons are so funny. B, A P, H, O, okay, there we go. Hopefully he responds because I’mma put about 100 on each. Yeah, I’m sure he’ll respond. Enter.”

Toni also threatened to kick Lil Twin out of Chyna’s house. “I’m going to come to California, drive, and I’m going to kick her door in, and come in and pull you out,” she revealed. “My daughter right now is telling you ‘My mother is not lying.’ Period.”

“I’m not going to tell you what day so y’all can flee. You got money. So, you allow yourself to enter into her life again after I left? You knew I wasn’t going to be at her premiere, because I had to go get mine back together after being gone for four months with no paycheck,” she added.

Upon watching the clip, fans criticized Toni and appeared to label her a toxic mom. “People have no idea how growing up with a mother like that can affect you emotionally,” one commenter wrote. “A bad environment with an abus!ve parent can determine how you cope with things, behave, who you choose to be with. Allat. Listen…imma support Chyna cause whew. You know I’m serious when i type a paragraph.”

“She one of them moms they hate her daughter…. But still got her hand out,” another fan opined. Moniece Slaughter was also among those who sent support for Chyna, saying, “My heart goes out to her. For real. I innerstand this type of abuse & I overstand the pain it causes. Praying for her.”

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