Time to Solve the Mystery of Whether or Not The Weeknd Has Tattoos

Time to Solve the Mystery of Whether or Not The Weeknd Has Tattoos


Much like those of us who decided a lower back tattoo was a good idea in college (me/it wasn’t), many celebrities are hiding a few slightly questionable tattoos on their bodies. Emphasis on *hiding.*

Many models and actors opt to get “tiny tattoos” (unless they’re Ben Affleck) so that their ink isn’t visible on the runway and doesn’t need to be covered up on-screen. Meaning: It’s impossible to tell if tattoo-less celebs are actually tattoo-free, or if they’re just really good at hiding them. Which brings us to The Weeknd, whose tattoo status the internet is very curious about. Especially since a ton of The Weeknd’s fans have “XO” tattooed on their bodies (a reference to his record label), prompting speculation that he also has it tattooed somewhere on his body.

But here’s the thing. A deep dive tells us that The Weeknd is completely free of tattoos, which is slightly unusual for musicians, who have a lot more leeway than actors/models when it comes to using their bodies as a canvas. Example: Blink 182 drummer and person who is somehow relevant in 2021, Travis Barker, has over 88 tattoos and counting. Oh, and his BFF Machine Gun Kelly has 71 tattoos that we know of, including an anarchy sign in the middle of his chest. (Edgy!)

TBH, finding an artist with literally zero tattoos is kind of a rarity these days, which begs the question…is The Weeknd just hiding his? Let’s examine the evidence:

The Weeknd Has No Visible Tattoos in *Any* Photos

Since you’re probably already in the midst of scrolling The Weeknd’s Google image results, please take a moment to notice that there’s nary a tattoo on him. Not on his hands, not on his neck, not on his face.

And a quick trip through the vast archives of Getty Images pretty much proves that The Weeknd has never stepped out in public with a tattoo showing. However…

He *Is* Usually in Long Sleeves and Pants

In other words, The Weeknd isn’t wandering around shirtless, so it’s definitely possible he could have a massive Ben Affleck-style back tattoo of a giant phoenix and we’d never know. That said, we were able to find some pics of The Weeknd performing at Lollapalooza wearing a t-shirt all the way back in 2018, and there are no visible tattoos on his arms. So at the very least, we know for sure he doesn’t have a secret sleeve hiding up his, er, sleeves—or he didn’t as of four years ago.

He’s Known for Keeping Thing Things ~Mysterious~

Chances are The Weeknd is aware that you want to know about his tattoo status and chances are he prefers to keep you in the dark. As he once told Harper’s Bazaar, “I’m not in a rush to let people know everything about me. Mystery is always great.”

But if The Weeknd does have secret tattoos, he wouldn’t be the first celeb. Tons of fans only realized Billie Eilish had a tattoo when it peaked out of the slit in her gown at the Met Gala:


And there’s ongoing speculation (like, it’s been a rumor for years) that Dolly Parton is covered head-to-toe in tattoos, which is why she always wears long sleeves:

And then there’s Kendall Jenner, who got a tattoo on the inside of her lip:

So, like, just saying, the Weeknd could be working with some tats that we simply don’t know about!

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