The Queen will pull Duchess Meghan aside at Balmoral to give her ‘advice’

The Queen will pull Duchess Meghan aside at Balmoral to give her ‘advice’


Now that Queen Elizabeth II has officially asked Boris Johnson to form a government in her name, her Maj is getting the f–k out of Dodge for the summer. The Queen actually had to put her summer plans on hold because of the prime minister shenanigans – she needed to be at Buckingham Palace to accept Theresa May’s resignation and to receive Boris Johnson as the new PM. So now that she’s done all that, she’s already packed up and gone to Balmoral for her regular summer holiday. This summer, it’s expected that all of the younger royals will be making treks to Scotland to spend a week here and there with the Queen and Prince Philip. That includes Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, who have apparently penciled in a visit to Balmoral to coincide with Meghan’s 38th birthday. It was reported that the Balmoral chefs will make a special cake for Meghan. So what will the Queen give Meghan for her birthday? Advice, apparently.

A royal expert has claimed that the Queen will take Meghan under her wing for a ‘quiet word’ when she celebrates her 38th birthday at Balmoral Castle on the 4th August. The Duchess of Sussex is thought to be celebrating her special day there, and according to reports the monarch will advise her on how to navigate the tricky world of PR. The Queen, 93, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, is said to be particularly fond of Meghan, who recently welcomed Archie with Prince Harry, and is keen for her to ‘avoid any further PR blunders’.

The trip would be Meghan and Archie’s first trip to the Scottish Castle, and the invite from the monarch is said to be a ‘great honour’. Speaking to The Sun, royal expert Phil Dampier said: ‘This might be a good opportunity to have, not an assessment of her, but a quiet chat away from the madding crowds as to how she thinks it is going. I think in quiet moments and quiet walks up by the river the Queen might have a few words of advice for her. I’m sure there must be things where she perhaps thinks things could be done better, so I’m sure she would give her some advice, especially if she asks for it.’

The expert added that Charles, Camilla and the Queen are ‘very fond’ of Meghan, and ‘find her engaging and intelligent’.

[From The Daily Mail]

If this feels patronizing, that’s because it absolutely is. Has Meghan made some PR blunders? For sure. She has, and I’m saying that as a Meg fan. But have those mistakes been blown up into massive controversies by a racist and xenophobic press? Also yes. The Queen trying to “advise” Meghan on what SHE could do differently is basically coming at the problem from the wrong angle, not to mention blaming the victim. The press would halt some (not all, but some) of their vile attacks on the Sussexes if the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge all presented a united front to say: this has gone way too far. They haven’t done that, because some of the attacks are coming from inside the palaces.

All that being said, this is just a theory from a royal commentator. My theory is that Meghan is skilled enough at interpersonal/work relationships that she will actually ask the Queen for her advice in how to deal with the constant attacks. And maybe after that, the Queen will actually do something about it.

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