The Cambridges’ Royal Foundation no longer cares about ‘community empowerment’

The Cambridges’ Royal Foundation no longer cares about ‘community empowerment’


At this point in the royal program, I really don’t care about all of the updates on how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are separating from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We’ve known all about these separations for a year now, ever since we learned that the Sussexes would get their own “household,” and ever since then, the updates have been going from “mildly interesting” to “completely obvious.” Of course Harry and William had a falling out a year ago. Of course they don’t want to work together. Of course William has been pushing negative stories about Harry and Meghan. Of course they were always going to split up their foundation.

So, this story is about the Royal Foundation split. The Sussexes filed all of the paperwork on their Sussex Royal foundation months ago, and the separation of the foundation work has been spread out for a while. Now the Cambridges are finally getting around to updating The Royal Foundation’s website, and it’s just… funny.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Foundation has wiped mentions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from its website, following the couple’s split from the charity earlier this year. Prince William, 37, and Kate Middleton, 37, are now listed as the only two ‘principals’, with the Duke of Cambridge credited with ‘founding’ the charity, despite launching the organisation with Prince Harry, 35, in 2009.

Projects launched by Harry while part of the Royal Foundation, such as The Invictus Games and Meghan’s Together: Our Community Cookbook, have been removed from the Programmes section of the site. The site now lists Programmes in five different categories, including Conservation and and Mental Health, but it has removed Empowering Communities, which highlighted Meghan’s work on female empowerment.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m laughing. William and Kate want us to know that their charitable work will no longer be in anyway involved with women’s empowerment or empowering any so-called “community.” I mean, it’s sad that Will and Kate won’t be able to brag about and take credit for what Meghan and Harry accomplished through the Royal Foundation banner, but I imagine this is what Harry and Meghan wanted though: they wanted to carve out their own thing and the Cambridges were like “sure, we don’t care about women or communities anyway, take it.”

Also, in case anyone wants to discuss Richard Palmer’s garbage tweet, here you go.

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