Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie is scheduled for a global release

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie is scheduled for a global release



What a summer it’s been for Taylor Swift. Just think of how it started off: her dalliance with noted scumbag Matty Healy made even her devoted fans super mad. But for someone as famous as powerful as Taylor, it’s hard for a scandal to really stick. Now she’s hooking up with an NFL player, Travis Kelce, who my dad assures me is the best tight end in the league (I don’t follow football). So far he appears unproblematic, and between the billion dollar success of her Eras tour and her new boy toy, she has recovered from the bad PR. Taylor Swift kicks off the international leg of her Eras tour in November, so it only makes sense that the Eras concert film is getting an international release, too. It will be released in over 100 countries worldwide on October 13 and it’s expected to do huge numbers at the box office.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, the concert film of Taylor Swift’s phenomenally successful world tour, is going global. In addition to North America, it was revealed Tuesday that the film will also hit cinemas in more than 100 countries overseas timed to its Oct. 13 domestic launch.

“The tour isn’t the only thing we’re taking worldwide,” Swift wrote on Instagram. “Been so excited to tell you all that The Eras Tour concert film is now officially coming to theaters WORLDWIDE on Oct 13!”

AMC Theatres, which is releasing Eras Tour in the U.S. via Variance Releasing, is handling the international distribution of the film. AMC and its partners are working to reach agreements with movie theater operators representing more than 7,500 cinemas globally.

Eras Tour is already scheduled to play in more than 4,000 movie theaters in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. AMC has confirmed that in Europe, the film will play at every Odeon Cinemas location. More details on locations will be released in due course.

Early North American box office tracking data for Eras Tour suggests the movie will open to a massive $75 million, with some more bullish analysts believing the opening weekend numbers could cross $100 million with an upper ceiling of $125 million.

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I wonder if Taylor will have the same elevated ticket price gambit for the overseas release. I remain irrationally annoyed by the $19.89 ticket price for a standard definition movie with a standard run time, when that’s about what you pay for an IMAX ticket. I don’t think it will work so well in other countries. (Also, exchange rates ruin the 1989 album reference. $19.89 is 140 Danish krone, for example, which is a meaningless number in Taylor lore.) That being said, I also think it will be huge, and the inflated ticket price is part of that expected $75 million opening. For the many people who can’t afford concert tickets, the movie is the next best thing, so there will be a lot of demand from Swifties. By directly distributing through AMC, Taylor has neatly side-stepped working with the Hollywood studios and the ongoing strikes, which is smart from an optics standpoint. I’m most excited for the re-release of 1989 this fall, which apparently features a vault track called “Slut!”



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