Taylor Swift Freaks Out Over Banana In Hilarious Post-Surgery Video

Taylor Swift Freaks Out Over Banana In Hilarious Post-Surgery Video


A hilarious video unveiled by the host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last Thursday surprised and embarrassed the show’s guest, pop superstar Taylor Swift.

The video shown by Jimmy Fallon was secretly recorded by the singer’s mother Andrea Swift after the star’s recent Lasik eye surgery.

Fallon told Swift that her mom “may or may not have videotaped you after surgery, and she gave us the video.”

“For the television?” responded an embarrassed Swift, after which Fallon showed the video that shows a post-op Swift, wearing a pair of protective goggles, trying to pull apart a banana.

On seeing that she had picked the wrong one from the bunch, a disappointed Swift is seen whining, “That wasn’t the one I wanted.”

As Andrea tries to convince Swift not to cry, the songstress asks, “I wanted this one but what do we do with this now?” to which her mother says she’ll eat the banana that was accidentally picked. “What happens when it doesn’t go your way?” Swift is then heard mumbling.

Then the clip shows Andrea telling Swift not to fall asleep while eating the banana. Swift replies, “I’m not asleep, my mind is alive.”

An embarrassed Swift jokingly yelled at her mom, “That’s on television! She was kind enough to drive me there but cruel enough to film it and give it to you!”

“Don’t be mad at me!” Fallon told Swift. “We watched it in the office, like, 20 times today. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I cannot believe this is real.'”

“I can’t even be mad. I’m just impressed that you infiltrated my family,” Taylor responded. “I don’t even know how you did that! Nobody has my mom’s number.”

(Photo: Valheria Rocha)

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