Swedish Prosecutors To Detain A$AP Rocky For Weeks — Assault Investigation Continues

Swedish Prosecutors To Detain A$AP Rocky For Weeks — Assault Investigation Continues


This is really serious — and A$AP Rocky appears to be in way more trouble than we’d initially realized!

As we’ve been reporting this week, the rapper has been detained in Sweden along with a couple members of his crew after the group committed an alleged assault on a guy, leaving the victim battered and bloodied in the street — and leaving behind considerable video evidence in the wake.

According to TMZ, Swedish prosecutors are asking a judge in the country to grant them allowance to hold the rapper in custody for up to two weeks in order to investigate the assault! The normal allowance for holding suspects in the country is 72 hours, tops — but in special circumstances, prosecutors can ask for more time, and this appears to be one of those cases.

To that end, then, it really appears that prosecutors are gunning for Rocky, because only in certain high-level cases is the two-week request a customary tactic. As we’ve been reporting, the rapper faces as much as SIX YEARS in Swedish prison over the assault, so this is far from a small deal for him right now.

BTW, that’s not even the worst news of the day here; per the same news report, authorities have apparently found multiple videos of the alleged beating, including one angle which caused them to released A$AP’s bodyguard due to insufficient evidence when it was found that he didn’t assault the victim as cops had previously suspected. And yet that same video apparently did NOT exonerate the rapper himself, who is still in police custody and may be doubly hurt by the appearance of the second point of view.

Assault Or Not??

To that end, it appears that prosecutors may still see this as an assault — regardless of whether the victim himself may have prompted and caused the event, as has been alleged. And while Rocky can argue all day that he was provoked, and/or defending himself in the aftermath, it won’t matter much if prosecutors are dead-set on pursuing assault charges here. No, it appears they may have a couple weeks to do it, and come up with charges.

We’ll see if they can get there, or if A$AP Rocky will walk free. Regardless, this is a SUPER serious issue for the rapper and his crew, and it’s one that may change his life, depending on the outcome of the ensuing investigation. Wow. Life comes at ya fast, doesn’t it…

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