Spectator: Duchess Meghan is ‘upset & overwhelmed’… by ‘South Park’

Spectator: Duchess Meghan is ‘upset & overwhelmed’… by ‘South Park’


Just three weeks ago, the right-wing British publication The Spectator had a piece about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were dreadfully unpopular in California, they were never invited anywhere, Oprah “snubbed” them and their American dream has come crashing down because of British push-polling revealing their historic unpopularity with Waitrose shoppers. You get the idea – talking points were issued and the British right-wing media jumped at the chance to create a story to sneer at the Sussexes. It also revealed that after all this time, no one in Britain understands American culture, American celebrity or how Americans view the Sussexes, in general. Speaking of, the Spectator is now convinced that Duchess Meghan is super-upset by… South Park. Last week, South Park devoted an episode to the Sussexes, just as they devoted an episode to William and Kate years ago.

Harry and Meghan have yet to publicly speak about last week’s episode of South Park, presumably because they don’t have the staff left to formulate a press release. But California sources claim that Meghan has spent the last few days “upset and overwhelmed” about how she was portrayed.

If you’ve read anything about Harry and Meghan over the last three years, you’d think the pair would be delighted with how South Park parodied them. The entire episode, titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” gives them enough fodder to moan for a few more books… or Netflix documentaries… or Spotify podcasts. Meghan can cry about how she is a victim of misogyny and Harry can claim that this was all a narrative concocted by the big, bad press.

In fairness, South Park didn’t hold back. Meghan is described as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim,” by a brand manager during the episode. Later on, Harry has an awakening, realizing that their obsession with branding has made them “turn ourselves into products.” He claims that there will be, “no more magazines and Netflix shows, we can just live a normal life.” However, when he leaves, Meghan decides to stay — so the prince exits alone.

Ironically, after the episode aired, rumors began circulating that Harry and Meghan were so frustrated with the show that they are now “taking it out on each other.” At least their spousal disagreements are taking place in a nine-bedroom-sixteen-bathroom mansion. No awkward passings in the hallway for them.

Sources claim that Meghan, “is annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all.” But for Meghan, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. The duchess is said to be “obsessed with her half-sister’s litigation.” Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle is suing her for defamation following their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. The duchess had previously filed a motion to stop depositions in the case from taking place, but it was dismissed by Florida judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell earlier this month.

Then there’s a coronation. Meghan and Harry are supposedly “weighing up” whether they will attend or not, but according to sources close to her the duchess “feels excluded,” from the whole thing. Probably better to leave it then.

Aside from all of this, the pair have been made aware that nosey journalists, ahem, have been “poking around Archewell and asking serious questions about what they actually contribute.” This comes after the couple released a report tooting their own horn.

[From The Spectator]

It’s like… the Spectator hires people to write histrionic fan-fic about what the Sussexes are doing and how miserable they are, and none of it has any connection to what’s really going on in Harry and Meghan’s lives, but the Spectator just publishes it anyway. It’s really embarrassing… for the British media. Even more so because other British outlets have now picked up this fan-fic and they’re using it to bash Meghan for it. A closed loop, an echo chamber of deranged storylines, all revealing their unhinged obsession with the Sussexes.

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