Sophia Abraham Defends Mom Farrah Abraham: Get Karma, Haters!

Sophia Abraham Defends Mom Farrah Abraham: Get Karma, Haters!


Farrah Abraham has never hesitated to let loose on her haters, and that’s a trait that she has passed on to her young daughter.

At just 10 years old, Sophia is speaking out against anyone and everyone who is criticial of her mom.

If you want a piece of Farrah, apparently you’ll have to go through Sophia first.

“She’s always positive,” 10-year-old Sophia Abraham praises of her mother to TooFab while at LAX.

Sophia adds: “she always makes me happy when I’m sad.”

“And when we go through things like this type of stuff,” she notes. “Everything just turns out fine “

“And,” Sophia adds. “Haters back off.”

It sounds like she trusts her mother to handle any drama win which she becomes involved.

Sophia is also sticking up for the time that she spends with her mother.

“Our most mother daughter thing is vacations and travelling,” Sophia points out.

Notably, Sophia is homeschooled and travels the world with her mother — which has been a major source of criticism.

“And,” Sophia raves. “We really just have a lot of cute moments together.”

We don’t actually doubt that for a moment.

Despite her youth, Sophia has some strong words for the detractors who go after her mother.

“I hope you get karma later in life,” Sophia threatens.

“Don’t ever do that again because it’s wrong,” she admonishes any and all haters.

“And,” Sophia adds. “We all know that it’s wrong.”

She concludes: “and that should never happen.”

Farrah also spoke up in her own defense, suggesting that her success and work ethic have made her a target.

“People always feed the need to drag hard working people down and wreck their families,” Farrah laments.

The former Teen Mom villain then brands all of her crticis as “idiots and liars and haters.”

She then points to Jenelle Evans as a real example of a terrible mom on reality television.

“She definitely has been making poor choices,” Farrah correctly points out. “I’m just reacting to the facts.”

She continues: “She lost custody of her kids… that’s not a positive thing to even have on TV.”

We don’t normally agree with Farrah Abraham about much, including parenting, but she’s not wrong.

Jenelle was already out of the running for parent of the year before she hooked up with David Eason.

David, who has a criminal record, has been an absolute terror. Even his social media activity was so vile that he was fired by MTV.

He has been accused of abusing the children and of abusing Jenelle. And that was before he murdered Jenelle’s dog, Nugget.

The sheriff of Columbus County described him as “the most dangerous man in three counties.”

Say what you will about Farrah, but she’s managed to avoid that particular type of beast in her life — and in Sophia’s.

It’s not really Sophia’s place to have to speak up for her mom.

Farrah can do that, if with a lot of word salad. An agent or representative can do that.

But it’s sweet and only natural that Sophia would want to defend her mom. To her, Farrah is her whole world.

Maybe when she’s older, Sophia will understand why some of her mother’s verbal attacks have rubbed people the wrong way.

Sometimes, part of growing up is realizing that your personal hero has some very real flaws.

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