Slim Thug Says Cassie Waited Too Long to Speak on Diddy Claims

Slim Thug Says Cassie Waited Too Long to Speak on Diddy Claims


Slim Thug says women who claim to have been abused need to speak up when it’s actually happening — which is why he thinks Cassie‘s lawsuit against Diddy came too little, too late.

The rapper aired out his thoughts online with a very honest video, in which he spoke on the Cassie/Diddy situation — which is now resolved after the two of them reached a settlement in record time.

Still, ST spoke his piece … and he says he simply doesn’t support people coming after their alleged abusers years after the fact — and not only did he mention Diddy and Cassie in making this point, but he also name-dropped Bill Cosby. As he says, he ain’t with all that.

Slim also dished his opinion on why he believes Cassie even filed her suit with bombshell claims — and, according to him, it may have to do with her living a different lifestyle now.

Bottom line … Slim Thug’s saying he thinks this is all about money, and has a hunch Cassie was simply out for cash in this whole situation. Aubrey O’Day appeared to echo that as well.

In any case … Slim’s bigger point here is, the post-mortem undressing of old (alleged) incidents not only needs a statute of limitations legally — but, perhaps, socially too.

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ICYMI … Cassie/Diddy came to terms out of court, and both said they resolved it amicably. Diddy’s attorney also said the settlement did not indicate an admission of wrongdoing.

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