Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott talk wedding, kids and hard times in rare joint interview

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott talk wedding, kids and hard times in rare joint interview


Reality TV couple Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott couldn’t look more loved-up as they settle down for their first joint interview with OK!.

Chatting to us from their Chelsea kitchen (where else?), the couple are reminiscing about how they first got together back in 2019 – and Made In Chelsea star Sam, 30, can’t resist claiming Zara “didn’t stop sliding” into his DMs. So an exasperated Zara shoots back: “Oh, Sam, I did it once!”

But happy as they appear now, their romance has been far from plain sailing. The nation watched them split up on MIC in September 2020, with former Love Island star Zara breaking down as she confided in co-stars Ruby Adler and Sophie Habboo.

Looking back on the hard times, Zara says: “You learn from your mistakes, no one is perfect. It’s something we all go through.”

And despite ongoing engagement rumours, Zara tells us she and Sam are in no rush to walk down the aisle, saying: “I want us to take our time a bit more.”

Here, the couple talk winter holiday plans, watching their pal Pete Wicks get “mugged off” on TOWIE and Sam’s sister Louise’s adorable baby boy, Leo…

Hi, Sam and Zara. If you could relive one date you’ve had together, what would it be?

Sam: It’s not a specific date but our holiday to New York.

Zara: We had the best time – we went out for nice brunches and just experienced so much together.

Sam: I took Zara ice skating in Central Park and she cried! It was funny. There were three-year-old girls falling over and having fun but Zara was bawling her eyes out and saying she “could die”.

Zara: When I was about seven, my dad took me to a rink and as soon as he stepped onto the ice, he fell back onto me. So now I have a fear of falling over on the ice, because of him!

Ouch! Your birthday is coming up in December, Zara. Do you have any plans?

Zara: Yes! We’re going away to Mexico and I’m really excited about it. I always try to get some winter sun before the [Christmas] madness happens.

You both went through so much on Made In Chelsea. Do you ever watch yourselves back?

Zara: We don’t but I have been watching the new series. I can’t get enough of it. I’m a reality TV junkie. I watch TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Love Island and Married At First Sight.

Sam: I’ve been watching TOWIE with Zara.

Zara: You watch TOWIE because you want to watch Pete [Wicks]!

Sam: It’s so entertaining watching Pete interact with all these people I’ve never met. Because I know him so well, I’m like, “This is such a weird side of you.” I’ve never seen Pete getting mugged off by the likes of Gatsby!

Zara: Yeah, but we don’t watch ourselves back [on MIC]. I think it would be a bit weird.

Sam: I watch myself! I find myself quite funny. I skip to my own bits – I don’t care about anyone else. I fast-forward to myself and think, 'That’s quite jokes!'

What was it like filming difficult moments, like your break-up?

Sam: It becomes a part of life. People get really hung up on the matter of people judging you but as long as you know you’re not an a***hole, you’re good, really.

Zara: You accept that if there’s a camera in front of you, it’s going on TV. We’ve made that choice to share our lives with the world.

Sam: People always say, “But your kids will see it.” F***ing sweet. I’ll just show them exactly what you don’t do!

Speaking of kids… Sam, has your nephew Leo hit any milestones recently?

Sam: He remembers us now, which is great.

Zara: Yeah, he does. His face lights up!

Sam: The first few months are pointless. They’re just like a stone that s**ts and eats. They don’t know you and don’t care. If they [Louise and fiancé Ryan Libbey] have another one, I’ll just be like, “See you in four months.”

There are rumours you’re getting engaged…

Zara: We’re in such a good place. There’s no need to rush or change anything, because I wouldn’t be with Sam if I didn’t want to be with him forever. And when [an engagement] happens, it happens. If that’s in five months or five years, I really don’t mind. I genuinely trust that timing is everything.

Sam: All I need to know is that Zara is going to say yes.

Zara: Even if me and Sam broke up and I got with someone else, there’d be engagement rumours again within three minutes. This has been going on for us for years. People want to see you fast-track your relationship but you’ve got to remember what’s right for you.

What are your favourite things to do as a couple in the cosy winter months?

Sam: Watch Harry Potter.

Zara: I don’t really get a choice!

Sam: It’s a tradition – sat by the fire. But we don’t have a fire and because of rising bills, there’ll be no heating, so we’ll be shivering under blankets, watching Harry Potter.

You’ve teamed up with to launch their "cuffing season" competition. How can couples get involved?

Zara: We want couples in the process of cuffing [finding a partner to stay in with over the winter months] to tell us three things they like to do when they go away – whether they’re adventurous, like the outdoors or are into their spa days, we’re going to be matching them up with their perfect stay.

Sam: The beauty of it is, you might be cuffed together even longer.

Zara and Sam are working with, to find your perfect somewhere this cuffing season head to to book your perfect countryside stay.


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