Ryan Seacrest Denied Entry At Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Party

Ryan Seacrest Denied Entry At Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Party


Ryan Seacrest was almost snubbed from Hollywood’s biggest bash of the month: Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday party!

RadarOnline.com has learned the show host traveled to Florida to attend J.Lo’s star-studded celebration, but was rejected by her security upon his arrival.

 On the July 25th episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, the daytime talk show host detailed the events leading to and including his denial of entry at the party.

 “She sent me an invitation and I was like ‘Wow I got a direct invitation,’” Seacrest, 44, recalled. “But the catch is, it was in Miami.”

With concerns of it being out on a work night, he crossed his fingers and ended up making it an hour early. He even around South Beach to pass the time before heading to Gloria Estefan’s home, where the party was held, to enjoy the night’s festivities. When Seacrest arrived at the door, however, he was told he wasn’t on the guest list!

 “So, I get there, very excited because she personally invited me,” Seacrest said. “So I get to the front and [the guy] has a list and I see there are a bunch of Ryans … and he says, ‘Well, you’re not on the list.’”

 He continued, “So I say, ‘Cleary there must be a mistake … she invited me personally. Can I see the list?’ Well, sure enough … there’s no Ryan Seacrest.”

 After being told to wait under the fan in what he said felt like 110 degrees with humidity, the security made a call, verified his invite and let him in. As he entered the party, Seacrest realized he was actually one of the first guest there!

 Seacrest explained how difficult it was to sneak out after being captivated by A-Rod’s emotional tribute and conversing over dinner with the singer. He let the birthday girl know he had to leave, satisfied that he had made it to celebrate her special day. As soon as he jumped on his flight, however, he realized he missed out on “all of the fun” as the party really got started after he left.

 As readers know, Lopez had been counting down the days to her 50th birthday with her “It’s My Party: The Live Celebration” tour. Despite concerns with tanking ticket sales, she performed and was able to dance and drink with loved ones in a gold themed bash.

“It was a great time she was so happy, so many friends, we were so proud,” Emilio Estefan told EXTRA.

“She looks hot, her family was there, her daughter was there, she sang for her, it was really beautiful it was special,” his wife, Gloria, added.



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