Royal Expert Says Meghan Markle Report Is BAD – And NOT Releasing It Is An 'Olive Branch' To Harry!

Royal Expert Says Meghan Markle Report Is BAD – And NOT Releasing It Is An 'Olive Branch' To Harry!


Whoa, what??

OK, so remember the accusation Meghan Markle had bullied staff “to tears” during her time as an actual Royal? The following investigation, funded by Queen Elizabeth and conducted by independent external investigators, was meant to prove once and for all the truth of allegations by two senior staffers against the Duchess of Sussex. But ultimately it ain’t proving jack. Because they’re never going to release it!

We learned last month The Firm had “buried” the results — with no intention of ever making them public. The natural assumption made by many was that the report ended up making the Palace look bad. If some random whining had been escalated to a full-on HR complaint against the wishes of staffers, well, frankly that feels like someone (perhaps the Sussexes’ former communications chief Jason Knauf?) was using whatever ammo they had to try to go after Meghan. If that was the case, it would support the picture she and Prince Harry painted of persecution in their Oprah interview.

But what if… Just what if… It was the opposite?

That’s what Royal expert Duncan Larcombe thinks. He thinks it’s highly unlikely Knauf would have endangered his job and reputation on some personal vendetta. Duncan unveiled his theory to True Royalty TV‘s The Royal Beat, saying:

“For to take that risk of reporting to Prince William concerns he had about his staff and the treatment of them at the hands of one of the members of the Royal Family – within the Queen’s reign this is absolutely unprecedented.”

He believes it’s much more likely the investigation confirmed Meghan was a bully. So… why would they bury the results then?? Duncan explained:

“I think the reason they are not publishing any of this is that the Palace is running scared of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I think they know that if they publish the report, the next thing that will happen potentially is for Harry and Meghan to play the victim and go on Oprah.”

We heard the Queen Mother was keeping the report quiet because she didn’t “want any more dirty linens aired in public.” That could still be true even if he’s right. Only it’s Meghan’s laundry?? Duncan believes keeping it quiet is the only way to keep the peace with the Sussexes!

“This is an olive branch or an avoidance of war.”


If he’s right, it worked. That’s certainly how Meghan and Harry treated the end of the investigation. They reportedly claimed victory, with a source telling Us Weekly the Suits alum was “happy that her name has been cleared from the defamatory claims.”

This certainly turns everything on its head. And it makes a kind of sense. We suppose with the report buried, everyone is free to believe whatever they want… just like before. But we guess lack of transparency is back to the status quo for the Royal family, right?

What do YOU think really happened with the report?

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